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Leadership - Certificate Program

Certificate in Leadership Curriculum

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12 credit hours:

NAV1XX1 Navigator 1: Flight Planning

NAV2XX1 Navigator 2: Vector Check

NAV4XX1 Navigator 3: Successful Launch

BSAD3113 Leadership

*COMM4XX3 Mindful Leadership

Three credit hours from any of the following:

BSAD3353 Emotional Intelligence in Business

COMM3053 Organizational Communication

EDUC3113 Foundation and Philosophy of Education

HUM3001 Service and Volunteerism

HUM3021 Civic Responsibility

HUM4031 Service for Life

NSG4115 Professional Development

PSY4013 Social Psychology

SPAN3893 Field Experience Abroad

SWK3043 Social Justice and Advocacy

THTR2053 Directing 1