Navigator Program
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Navigator was created with you in mind. Newman faculty and staff designed the program to help you succeed and to prepare you to live our mission when you graduate.

As a full-time student, the Navigator courses are provided at different stages throughout your academic journey. Most students will enroll in four classes, although some will only be required to take the first two courses since content in the other two is embedded in coursework for their major*.


*Students in Education, Theology and Nursing/Allied Health majors are ONLY required to take Flight Planning and Lift Off courses.


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Flight Planning

  • Explorer Your Resources at Newman
  • Develop a Plan with Your Academic Advisor
  • Discover Your Abilities and Calling
  • Grow Relationships with Other Students
  • Set Goals for Your Future

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  • Learn How to Write a Resume
  • Hone Your Networking Skills
  • Shadow Professionals in your Potential Career
  • Develop a Personal Mission Statement
  • Begin Building your Digital Portfolio

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Destination Check

  • Gain a Mentor
  • Investigate Leadership Styles
  • Develop Qualities in Professionalism
  • Learn Job Searching Techniques

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  • Immerse yourself in Internship Opportunities
  • Understand the Graduate School Process
  • Become a Mentor to Flight Planning Students
  • Post Graduation Planning

At Newman University, the pursuit of higher education is a path you never walk alone. From the first step on campus to the final exam, we believe in creating an environment that lets you shape your own future and your impact on others firsthand. We shift the focus beyond coursework to include purpose and passion, and we help you gain the confidence and skills you need to cast aside any doubts and chase your dreams.

You want to graduate on time AND find a job or go to graduate school. You want to live a life of purpose, so this personalized program focuses on those needs. Navigator is intentional about helping you with a customized education plan and a support team to guide you on your journey.

Additionally, interactive hands-on learning will prepare you for success as you’re interviewing for jobs, applying to graduate schools and moving beyond Newman, preparing you to live the mission of transforming society.

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