Social Work Field Education

About Field Education

The field practicum is an integral part of the MSW program. It provides a real-world experience for students to learn and demonstrate mastery of social work skills. Field Education includes the following key points:

  • Integrate social work theories, values, and knowledge into direct social work practice 
  • Develop and enhance self-awareness and the conscious use of self in providing social work services
  • Enhance skills to provide services to individuals, groups, families, organizations, and communities
  • Develop increased understanding and skills in working with a trauma-competent perspective

Field Placement Options

Multiple placement opportunities are available in Wichita and Online.

  • hospitals
  • substance abuse programs
  • schools
  • therapeutic settings
  • behavioral health
  • correctional facilities
  • hospice
  • programs for the elderly
  • federal and state agencies
  • veteran’s administration
  • restorative justice
  • children and family services

Field Education Course

Field Education classes bridge classroom theory with real-world practicum, fostering dynamic discussions and reflection. Students in each Field Practicum semester convene to explore personal and professional values in client services. These sessions empower growth by delving into peers' experiences while addressing Social Work Ethics, diversity, and social justice. The curriculum cultivates advocates for vulnerable populations, intertwining theoretical and practical realms.

Field Practicum Hours

The Advanced Standing Field Practicum consists of 20 hours per week over 30 weeks during the fall and springs semester for a total of 600 hours of practicum experience in the field agency.  

The Foundational Standing Field Practicum consists of 16 hours per week over 30 weeks during the fall and springs semester for a total of 480 hours of practicum experience in the field agency. 

Both placements are chosen by the student at different locations. 

Program Resources

School of Social Work Field Manual

Student Learning Agreement - Generalist

Student Learning Agreement - Generalist Example

Student Learning Agreement - Specialist

Student Learning Agreement - Specialist Example