MSW - Application Process

Admission Criteria

  • Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university
  • Minimum GPA: 3.0 in overall coursework (this includes any previous graduate-level academic work)
Conditional Admission: Applicants not meeting all the admissions criteria, may still be considered for admission. Please contact an MSW staff member. Colorado applicants please call 719.520.1214. Kansas applicants please call 316.942.4291, ext.2216.

Application Deadlines

To allow sufficient time to have your application reviewed and for the best field placements, applicants should apply, and submit all supporting documents by the application deadline. The application deadline is based on starting semester and full-time or part-time standing.

Advanced Standing

Undergraduate degree in social work from a program accredited by the Council of Social Work Education (CSWE).

Entry Point: Summer Semester: April 30

Entry Point: Fall Semester: June 30

Foundational Standing

Undergraduate degree in a major other than social work.

Entry Point: Fall Semester (Full-time): May 31

Entry Point: Fall Semester (Part-time): July 31

Note: Applicants who have not completed their undergraduate program are still invited to apply to the Newman University MSW program. If accepted, admission may be conditional for receipt of an official transcript showing the completed undergraduate degree.

Application Steps

The application for Newman University’s Master of Social Work program is available online.

APPLY ONLINE $35 application fee applies

Request official transcripts documenting receipt of a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited college or university and have them submitted electronically directly to Newman University's Graduate Admissions office.

Visit the school website(s) or use an online transcript request service such as the Student Clearinghouse to request official transcripts. Transcripts should be sent to [email protected].

Note: If you attended Newman University, you do not need to submit your Newman University transcript.

Submit three professional and/or academic recommendations, using the MSW Recommendation Form. The person providing the recommendation should email the completed form to [email protected].

The Master of Social Work program requires a criminal background check as part of the application. This is done through, which charges $50.00. This cost is the applicant's responsibility.

It is not required that an applicant have a clear background check in order to be accepted into the MSW program. However, applicants with a criminal background may be limited in their choice of Field Practicum placement. Applicants with questions about how a background issue might affect their acceptance into the program should speak with the Director of Field Education (719-520-1214) in Colorado Springs, or the Coordinator of Field Education in Wichita (316-942-4291 ext. 2216).

Instructions for purchasing the criminal background check:

  • Go to MyStudentCheck. Scroll down to confirm the school name matches: Newman University Master of Social Work
  • Select your program from the drop-down menu, then 'Background Check', then 'Start Application'.
  • Log in with existing credentials (or create a new account)
  • Enter the requested information, provide authorization, and enter payment information. You will be provided with a receipt and confirmation when your order is placed. Results of the background check will be automatically sent to the MSW Admissions Committee.
  • If you need additional help, contact PreCheck at [email protected].

The personal statement must be in essay form and no more than 4-5 pages (12 pt. font, double-spaced). The order in which you answer the questions will be guided by your personal writing style; however, each area should be addressed.

  1. Motivation for Social Work/Career Goals– Discuss any significant personal and professional factors that impacted your choice to pursue a Master of Social Work (MSW) degree. Identify your professional goals and discuss how an MSW from Newman University will help you achieve those goals. Include reflections on your strengths and limitations in relation to professional social work.
  2. Social Work Values & Ethics – Describe your understanding of the core values and ethics of the social work profession. Discuss your personal values and any potential conflicts you may have with professional social work values and ethics as well as how you plan to address these conflicts.
  3. Professional Experience –Identify any volunteer or paid social work-related experiences and discuss how they have prepared you for a professional career in social work. Include your experiences and feelings about working with diverse populations.
  4. Professional Well-Being– Discuss your plan for managing the rigors of graduate work and juggling multiple responsibilities such as work, family, school and internship.

Please submit your personal statement to [email protected].

Submit your up-to-date resume to [email protected]. It should reflect your professional, educational and volunteer experience, especially as it relates to social work.