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Workshops are available in two sessions

Student Engagement with Online Technology - EDUC 6992A (2 credits) Online

June 5-16 | Educ 6992A (2 credits) Online

How do we assist K-12 students in developing information literacy? How do students benefit from the use of online technology tools? How can online tools be used to enhance student engagement and their active learning? How can we integrate online tools into our teaching? This workshop will help you reflect on the roles various online tools or applications may play in the teaching process and how you can better engage students in your classroom with them. You will brainstorm, share and experiment with some of the tools potentially applicable in today's schools. In addition, you will be exposed to theories and research about educational technology and teachers' perceptions about it. The utilization and evaluation of various technologies and their appropriateness for the curriculum will be emphasized. Drill and practice with the technological tools will be necessary to reach a high degree of competence.

Classroom Management Techniques

June 5-16 | Educ 6993A (3 credits) Online

This workshop will look at the ins and outs of classroom management. We will explore what classroom management is, how to set up good management for your class, and the fundamentals of classroom management. We will also look at scenarios that have happened in schools. This workshop will help you look inward and decide what the classroom should look like. You will leave with strategies and a better understanding of classroom management..

Words & Images in Dialog

June 5,6,7 & 12, 13, 14 - 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. | Educ 6992C (2 credits) On Campus

Join Shannon Johnston (NU Art) & Susan Crane-Laracuente (NU English) for an in-person workshop focused on interactions among words and images. Come collaborate to explore verbal and visual art together in our bright and welcoming art rooms and, weather permitting, outdoors. Writing in multiple languages is welcomed and encouraged in the projects.

We will provide:

  • Handouts of lesson plans you may modify and use with your secondary education students
  • Some research and resources for further exploration in word and image studies
  • Light refreshments
  • All materials

Maximizing Learning

July 3-14 | EDUC 6992 B (2 credits) Online

This workshop will develop competencies specific to the science of teaching, the organization and management of functional learning environments, and the design, implementation, and evaluation of developmentally appropriate learning experiences. Areas explored include models of teaching, instructional technology, lesson and unit planning, and creating a classroom environment that is conducive to learning. Participants will explore applying a variety of models for teaching and incorporating them into developmentally appropriate lessons for best learning outcomes; participants will critique classroom environments for positive and negative effects on student behavior and identify instructional conditions which facilitate optimal growth of diverse learners; participants will discuss dynamics in classrooms relating to aspects of pedagogy including teacher expectations, student motivation, socioemotional climate, integrated curriculum, and multicultural education.

Children's Literature Workshop

July 3-14 | EDUC 6993 B (3 credits) Online

This workshop will introduce participants to a wide range of literature for children. We will explore topics such as selecting appropriate literature to meet the diverse cultural interest and learning needs of all children. We will also explore strategies that can be integrated into instruction in the PK-12 classroom.