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Jamey Findling

I came to Newman in 2003 after receiving my Ph.D. in Philosophy from Villanova University. I teach a wide range of classes, including ancient philosophy, ethics, logic, and a number of different NSP capstone courses dealing with topics as diverse as film, sport, math, and nature. My research tends to center on the ways our relationships, with humans and non-humans alike, are tied to our ways of speaking. I am a former director of the Gerber Institute for Catholic Studies, and about a decade ago I helped draft both the Newman Code and the Newman mission statement. I have two school-aged sons. For fun, I like to play and watch sports, go to the movies, and play board games. Whenever I can, I love to travel. I am passionate about the humanities and believe that the more advanced our science and technology become, the more urgent is our need for empathy and mutual understanding. I believe that every student who can should study abroad for at least a semester. I believe that more students should double-major. Above all, I am deeply concerned about the challenges that my children will face in the coming decades – perhaps the most important of these being the challenge to recognize the humanity in every person.


Rice University

B.A., Philosophy, 1995



Villanova University

Ph.D., Philosophy, 2002


, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Division of Arts & Humanities
316-942-4291 ext. 2309
Office: MN310