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Private Loans

If students have exhausted all federal, state, and institutional forms of financial aid eligibility, but are still in need of additional financial resources to help meet their educational costs, then a private loan may represent a viable option.

Note: The terms and conditions for private loans are typically less attractive than those associated with Federal Direct Loans.

Eligibility for a private loan is generally premised on the student's and/or co-signor's credit worthiness. If students are approved for a private loan by a private loan provider, they may be eligible to receive up to their total cost of attendance for the loan period minus any other financial aid they are eligible to receive.

If students wish to borrow a private loan, it is their responsibility to research and choose the private loan they wish to borrow and begin the application process.

Newman has no relationship with and does not endorse any of the lenders listed in the comparison. Therefore, our office urges all students to carefully research the terms and conditions of any private loan program before entering into a borrower/lender relationship.

The link below allows students to research and compare alternative loan programs. 

ELMSelect Alternative Loans