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Accelerated Pathway to Teaching


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Outreach Education

Cowley College has partnered with the Newman University Pathway to Teaching Program to meet the needs of school districts hiring qualified, licensed teachers in Kansas. This program is intended for individuals seeking to enter the teaching profession in Cowley County and surrounding areas who would like to begin the program taught on the Cowley College campus in Arkansas City, KS and the Sumner campus in Wellington, KS.

Program Overview

  • Average financial aid awarded per student this year is $18,000 (Outreach Locations)
  • Fastest path out of class and into the classroom (16 months for students with Associate’s Degree)
  • NU Outreach Education Grads have nearly 100% Job Placement
  • “Life-Friendly” Class Schedule - Perfect for working adults including Paraprofessionals & Substitute Teachers
  • 8 Weeks Course Schedule - Evening Classes Face to Face
  • Pathway toward a K-6 Teaching License with additional endorsements available
  • Teach Grant Eligible
  • Kansas Teacher Service Grant Eligible

Contact Us

Julie Rhoads
Director of Education
Cowley College
620-441-5316 office
[email protected]

Jessica E. Bird
Interim Dean, School of Education and Social Work
Newman University
620-272-7281 cell
620-227-9616 office
[email protected]