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Nursing BSN FAQs

  1. What courses do I need to take to get a BSN?

    To assure you are taking the correct courses, it is important you make contact with a nursing advisor as soon as possible.

  2. How often are students admitted into the nursing program?

    Twice a year, once in August and once in January.

  3. Can I work while enrolled in the Nursing program?

    Employment, if not wisely scheduled, may cause academic difficulties. It is assumed that the logical priorities of the student are to complete the Nursing Program and to gain the credentials necessary to secure a stable career. If employed it is important that a student has the flexibility to scale down their work requirement when needed.

  4. How many students are accepted for the January and August class?

    We accept 32 students for the January and 32 students for the August class.

  5. Do I have to have the prerequisites completed?

    You may have up to 6 general education/graduation requirements remaining to complete in a summer.

  6. When can I start clinicals?

    There is a hospital and clinical experience in each semester of the Nursing program.