Intramural Sports

We have received many inquiries about the state of Newman University Intramurals, and are pleased to announce our spring 2015 season! All Intramural Sports are open to any current or former Newman Student, Faculty, or Staff Member.

2015 Intramurals

Intramurals has adopted a new format, in order to better serve the Newman community. All sports compete in a pick-up style game. Teams will be formed each time, and individuals need not be on a team before showing up to an event. Intramurals will be co-recreational, with a competitive spirit, but open to all levels of athletic ability.

The following Sports/Events have been approved for Spring 2015:

  • Indoor Basketball
  • Outdoor Soccer
  • Sand Volleyball
  • Bracketology (for the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament)


*The schedule for basketball, soccer, and volleyball will be finalized over Spring Break, and announced March 23rd.

The schedule for Bracketology is as follows:

  • Sunday March 15- Schedule is announced Brackets are available
  • Thursday March 19- The round of 64 begins, all brackets must be submitted beforehand
  • Monday April 6- All brackets are complete, and the winner is determined
  • Tuesday April 7- The winner may claim his/her prize

Rules for Bracketology:

Any current Newman Student/Faculty/Staff Member may submit up to two brackets and be eligible for a prize. NCAA Athletes/Coaches may fill out a bracket, but are unable to receive any sort of prize, and will thus be competing for “bragging rights.” Brackets must be submitted through; find the group NUIntramurals, and join with the password NU.

*The winning bracket will receive a prize, which is to be determined at a later date.