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John Henry Cardinal Newman Trivia Contest

Gerber Institute for Catholic Studies

Newman student playing online trivia

During the week leading up to the canonization of Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman from October 7-11, a new question will be posted at 9 a.m. on this page each day. A winner will be announced here the next morning after each round.

Read about the canonization of Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman


  1. Only one submission allowed per question. However, we encourage you to submit an answer for each question. An individual may win more than one prize!
  2. Answers are only accepted between 9 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. each day for each question.
  3. Only one individual will be awarded as the winner for each question. If multiple correct answers are qualified, a winner will be randomly selected.
  4. Anyone can participate, even if you are not part of the Newman University community.


$25.00 Amazon gift card
(Monday - Thursday winners)

$50.00 Amazon gift card
(Friday winner)

Trivia Questions

Mon., Oct. 7

Two investigated and verified miracles are required for sainthood. In the cause of John Henry Cardinal Newman, what were the nationalities of the two people involved with those miracles?

Answer: Both miracles involved Americans.

Submit Answer Martin Pham
Tue., Oct. 8

Cardinal Newman established the St. Philip Oratory in Birmingham, England in 1849. Why was the name St. Philip chosen?

Answer: John Henry Cardinal Newman’s learning of St. Philip Neri played a key role in his conversion to the Catholic faith. In 1849, Bl. Newman founded a branch of the Oratory, the religious order that Philip had established. Newman maintained a devotion to St. Philip throughout his life, as is clear from a number of his writings.

Submit Answer Nolan Martin
Wed., Oct. 9

John Henry Cardinal Newman's family was very musical. His sister, Jemima, was an accomplished pianist and his two brothers were also musical and frequently were accompanists. At age 10, what instrument did Newman begin to study?

Answer: Violin

Submit Answer Shelby Steincamp
Thur., Oct. 10

Newman was born in London on February 21, 1801. When he is canonized on October 13, Newman will be the 5th saint from London. Name one of the other four.

Answer: The “London” Saints are St. Thomas Beckett, St. Thomas More, St. Edmund Campion, St. Polydore Plasden and SOON, St. John Henry Cardinal Newman. 

Submit Answer Ashley Nguyen 
Fri., Oct. 11

Today’s trivia question has a three part answer. You must answer all parts to be eligible to win. Newman was known as a prolific poet. One of his poems is “The Dream of Gerontius.”

  1. What well known literary piece is said to be the inspiration and conceptualization for this poem?

    Answer: Dante’s Divine Comedy

  2. What composer created a choral and orchestral work based on the text?

    Answer: Elgar

  3. What well known church hymn was inspired by and utilize the words of this poem?

    Answer: Praise to the Holiest
Submit Answer Makayla Ehmke