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Campus Closing Plan

As you were informed prior to the start of our current semester, the university will move from “in-person” classes to distance learning starting Nov. 21 and will continue for the remainder of the term and through finals. The goal of the pending move to remote course delivery is to provide a safe environment and reduce the COVID health risks for Newman community members. 

With the current COVID realities, along with an opportunity to save additional utility costs, the Newman administration has made a decision to implement a calibrated move to “remote work” through the rest of the semester, culminating with a campus-wide “hard” close from December 19 through January 10, 2021.    

Your supervisors, working with their Vice Presidents and/or Cabinet members, have determined staffing strategies for various stages of closing campus, starting with the time students move to distance learning (Nov 21). All campus department plans prioritize serving student needs and supporting other university units.

Know that each plan considers:

  • Students will require support through the end of the semester.
  • Due to varying department functions, and team member responsibilities, each department will require differing staffing strategies that are determined by supporting the needs of their clients (students and/or other university units).
  • When individual team members move to “work from home” environments, the expectation is that they will follow regular work schedules, responsibilities and workload and be accountable for delivering the same level of responsiveness and high quality customer service as when working on campus. 
  • The expectation is that individuals are to communicate regularly with co-workers and supervisors.
  • It is expected that all positions that can function off-site will move off campus as soon as Nov. 21 and no later than Dec. 19, the beginning of the campus hard close.
  • Each team member will be required to work remotely beginning January 4 and return to campus offices on January 11, unless an accommodation has been approved with human resources or vacation/personal time off has been approved by their supervisor.
  • Functions such as Security, Mail Room, Student Life, Maintenance, Custodial, Payroll, Accounts Payable will need to be on campus all or selected hours each week.

Your direct supervisor should communicate with you the plan for your specific area. 

Winter Break Campus Closing Checklist

Prior to individual team members leaving campus please do the following:

  1. Understand your department’s plan and your specific timeline for shifting from office to remote working. Work with your supervisor to prepare to make the transition.
  2. To limit the need to return to campus, working with your supervisor, determine and gather sufficient amount of office supplies and other necessary materials to be able to work efficiently at home. If you do need to come to campus after Dec. 19, please notify security by email at [email protected] prior to your arrival. 
  3. Forward your phones. If you need assistance, reach out to IT ([email protected] / Techline 316-942-4291 Ext 2222).
  4. Update your email signature to announce your shift from working on campus to working remotely from home.
  5. Turn off all lights.
  6. Unplug all refrigerators, microwaves, radios, space heaters, all non-essential items i.e.: fax machines, shredders, coffee pots.
  7. Shut all curtains and all blinds.
  8. Turn off all non-essential lab equipment, please MARK ALL LAB EQUIPMENT THAT NEEDS TO STAY ON. Maintenance will be monitoring and turning off items that might have been missed, so please make sure you mark those items so that equipment is not turned off accidentally.
  9. Close all fume hood doors.
  10. Turn off all display lights and automatic lighting that turns on when you walk in the building.
  11. Unplug all water coolers.
  12. Turn off all media televisions in all buildings.
  13. Turn off all projectors.
  14. Turn all thermostats down to 50 degrees.
  15. Turn off your computers and printers UNLESS you need them on for access to work remotely
  16. Administrative Assistants in Sacred Heart and McNeil will need to contact Culligan Water to put a hold on any deliveries during this period or any other vendors that you have come on campus.

While campus is closed between December 19, 2020 to January 10, 2021

  1. All buildings outside doors will be locked.
  2. If you need to come on campus you must notify security via email at [email protected]
  3. If you come on campus during this time, space heaters are NOT to be turned on, while you are on campus.  
  4. Mail and Copy will still receive and sort mail, which should be ready for pickup by 11:00 am.  If you are not able to pick-up your mail during this time frame you may call security (316-253-7580) to gain building access to get your mail or wait till the next day. You may contact mail and copy at [email protected]
  5. Contact information for IT support is [email protected] / Techline 316-942-4291 Ext 2222.

How to turn in Check (CK) and PO Requests (beginning Nov. 23)

  1. Fill out a CK request as normal and save & send/scan it with an invoice and other necessary back-up (to your Budget Manager and/or Vice President for email approval).
  2. Approvers should reply their “approval” in the email and forward it with the attachments to [email protected]
  3. PO requests will need to be scanned along with the quote or other supporting documentation to [email protected].
  4. Accounts Payable will process payments by this approval process going forward.
  5. Normal weekly check runs will continue.  
  6. “Pick-up” checks will NOT be allowed during this time, instead all checks will be mailed. Please ensure that any paperwork that needs to accompany the check be attached to the CK/PO request.

Student Accounts

  • Payments will still be accepted via phone or online through the student’s JetStream account, and by mail-in check, or use of the drop boxes outside the financial aid and business office doors. 
  • In-person payments will not be accepted.
  • Departmental deposits and change orders are to be coordinated for drop off/pick-up by contacting student accounts email at [email protected].