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Request Enrollment Certificates

Enrollment certificates are now available on Jetstream.  This *certificate lists dates of enrollment and full or part-time status.  Certificates can be printed out and given to any person, business, or organization that is requesting this information.  The instructions for obtaining an enrollment certificate are below:

  1. Log into Jetstream
  2. Click on the Student Records box at the top of the page
  3. Click on Clearinghouse Enroll Status
  4. Select Current enrollment or All enrollment
  5. Click on Obtain an Enrollment Certificate

If using Chrome, the document will download in the lower left corner of the screen.  Click on it and then select print to print the document.

If using Internet Explorer, click on Save As, select where the document is to be saved and name the file.  Go to where the document is saved, double click on it, select Internet Explorer as the program to open the file, and print.

*This document should not be used for loan deferment verification purposes.  Those verifications are handled by lenders using online access to the Clearinghouse.  Refer lenders with questions to [email protected]