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Tuition & Fees - 2022-23

Welcome to the cost information for the 2022-23 school year for undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate students. You can use the table below to figure up net cost as an incoming or returning Graduate Student.

2022-23 Tuition Due Dates

Spring 2023:  January 9, 2023
Summer 2023: June 19, 2023


Undergraduate Tuition Per Semester
Flat tuition if enrolled in 12-18 hours 16,200
Tuition per credit hour (for those enrolled in only 1-11 hours) 1,080
Graduate Tuition Per Semester (Per Credit Hour)
Master of Science in Education 440
Master of Science in Nurse Anesthesia 1,157
Master of Science in Social Work 616
Master of Business Administration 687
Master of Arts in Theology 499
Graduate Education Workshop 167
Doctor Of Business Administration Tuition And Fees
Tuition (per credit hour) 890
General Fee (per semester) 168
Residence Fee (Fall and Spring only) 1,000
Other Tuition Rates (Per Credit Hour)
Audit Courses 115
Credentialing 115
ESOL 234
Pastoral Minsitry 68
Advanced Standing 75
Summer Tuition 499
Required Undergraduate Fees
Part-time General Fee 200
Required Graduate Fees
Full-time General Fee 350
Part-time General Fee 125
Other Fees
Graduation fee 100
Late payment fee (a) 160
New undergraduate orientation fee (f) 160
Course fees (g) Varies
Semester Room Rates (Per Semester)
Beata Hall (meal plan required) 2,750
Carrocci Hall - Double Occupancy (meal plan required) 2,600
Carrocci Hall - Single Occupancy (meal plan required) 2,900
Fugate Hall Apartment (meal plan optional) 3,400
Meal Plan Rates (Per Semester)
19 meal plan 1,997
14 meal plan 1,947
10 meal plan 1,803
120 meals per semester 809
Meal ticket (10 meals) 62
  • (a)  For students who fail to pay their tuition in full or who are not signed up with NBS payment plan by tuition due date
  • (f)   For all full time first time students (including transfers and international students) taking classes on NU campus
  • (g)  Course fees are set by academic departments to fund instructional supplies and other course costs