Letting students shape their own future, and their impact on others, firsthand

A big part of higher education is rooted in experiences. The only way for our students to develop their sense of self is by exposing them to cultures and communities beyond our campus grounds.

To know the value of dignity in every person. To find the moral and spiritual connection they need to be better learners and leaders. To lead better, fuller lives.


Leadership Development

You will engage in leadership training and hands on learning experiences (both on and off campus) in the context of student club organizations, service opportunities, athletic teams, internships and travel abroad. Your leadership sponsor will be your guide as you develop personal leadership capacity so that you can impact the world around you.

Leadership Certificate Program

NU Service

You will gain exposure to communities beyond our campus through a Newman Day of Service and study/serve abroad opportunities. Multiple other service opportunities will be available throughout your Newman educational journey.

Newman Studies Program

You will participate in an innovative curriculum that will allow you to develop problem-solving skills by addressing complex issues or societal problems, both in and out of the classroom.

Newman Studies Program

Built for Newman students by the Newman community, Navigator isn’t some simple how-to guide for college. It’s a super-charged support system designed to empower students to shape their future and their impact on the world around them.

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Higher learning. Higher purpose.

Shifting the focus beyond coursework to include purpose and passion.

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Education shouldn't be a solo adventure. We're here to help.

Surrounding students with a dedicated support team.

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Experience. Connect. Impact.

Letting students shape their own future, and their impact on others, firsthand.

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You receive a “Degree of Difference” when attending Newman University and Navigator super-charges that difference!

As a student support and success program, Navigator is intertwined throughout our academic programs PLUS it offers classes and transformational experiences in these three specific areas:

Flight Planning

  • Identify your interests and strengths through career assessments.
  • Attend a program of study fair to explore your career interests.
  • Craft your mission statement and begin discerning your personal and professional purpose.
  • Construct your customized education plan with your faculty advisor.
  • Begin to develop your professional portfolio.
  • Build leadership skills during a Newman Day of Service.

Vector Check

  • Connect with a professional mentor in your field of study.
  • Explore your career interests through shadowing opportunities.
  • Attend Career Services events to develop your network.
  • Participate in campus and community activities to build your professional presence.
  • Practice leadership and hands-on learning while participating in student clubs, campus organizations, service opportunities, athletic teams, and study abroad.
  • Gain experience through cooperative education, internships, service learning, and campus activities.
  • Meet with your faculty advisor to ensure you are on track to graduate.
  • Continue to develop your professional portfolio, adding reflections on leadership experiences and service projects.


  • Meet with your faculty advisor for a graduation check.
  • Develop a job search or graduate school application plan.
  • Practice mock interviewing and receive coaching.
  • Present your original research at Scholar’s Day.
  • Finalize your portfolio to be used in your job search or graduate school application process.
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