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Jeanie Harris

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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

Jeanie Harris graduated from WSU with a BSN degree in 1992. She began her nursing career in the PICU at Wesley hospital. Not long after that, she decided to become a primary care pediatric nurse practitioner, and returned to WSU for that degree.

As a certified pediatric nurse practitioner, Jeanie began practice in the pediatric clinical setting and also became the coordinator of the KBH program in a large clinic system. KBH stands for Kan Be Healthy. It is a Medicaid program created to ensure that children living in low income families receive excellent primary care. She became concerned that all children on Medicaid in this clinic system were not receiving all the benefits allowed them by the KBH program. She brought the Vaccine for Children program into the clinics so free immunizations could be given, and a system of recall letters were created and sent to make sure the parents knew when their child’s KBH was due. Free transportation resources were found to ensure appointments could be kept. Developmental screening was done on all children under the age of 6. Anticipatory guidance brochures were created so that parents could learn about their child’s health care needs. All of these changes made primary care check-ups valuable for each family with a child on Medicaid. The program was successful in increasing compliance and approval rates in the KBH program. The state of Kansas noticed this, and the clinic’s KBH program enhancements became the model for the KBH program in Kansas. After a 12 year career in clinical practice, Jeanie began her career as a nurse educator.

At WSU, she taught 2 courses in the undergraduate program and oversaw the pediatric clinical practicums. She also taught much of the pediatric content to the family nurse practitioner students. She is now an assistant professor here at Newman, coordinating and teaching the pediatric nursing course.


Wichita State University


Wichita State University
MSN, 1993


Yearly Certification as a pediatric nurse practitioner, 1999 

Areas of Expertise:
  • Pediatrics
Affiliations / Community Leadership:
  • Jeanie presents pediatric topics in multiple community settings: CEU topics for William Newton Hospital, Kansas School Nurse Conference, Kansas Nurse Practitioner Conference
  • Interdisciplinary presentations to the education and social work students at Newman