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Hollie Johnston


Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

Hollie Johnston

Educational Background

  • Goddard High School Grad - 2000
  • Butler County Community College – Grad 2013 Associate of Science Liberal Arts
  • Southwestern College – Grad 2016 Bachelors of Science Human Resource Development

What would be your number-one tip for the admissions process?

Trust that your admissions counselor is there to guide you, and help you have a great experience.

What is your most memorable undergraduate experience?

My most memorable undergraduate experience was finishing all my math/algebra credits. I had always struggled in those classes so it was a big accomplishment.

What is your ideal vacation destination?



I love to read novels, all different kinds. I also enjoy the spending time outdoors with my family.

What has the COVID-19 quarantine been like for you?

It was stressful at first, but once I was able to get myself and family into a routine we all settled in.

My chosen super power

The ability to heal the sick or injured.

What are five things you cannot live without?

My family


Hair spray


My Glasses

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