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Conceptual Framework Exhibits

CF.1 University Catalog
CF.2a Overview of the Conceptual Framework
CF.2b Links to all Professional Education course syllabi can be found on the Conceptual Framework page: 

Standard 1 Exhibits

S1.1a KSDE Program Approval letter
S1.1b KSDE Program Approval recommendation
S1.2a EDUC 6223 course syllabus
S1.2b EDUC 6033 course syllabus
S1.3 Accountability Emphasis Program Summary
CF.1 University Catalog
S1.4a Undergraduate Admission Requirements
S1.4b Teacher Education Program Admission Checklist
S1.5a Biology - Secondary Content Requirements
S1.5b Chemistry - Secondary Content Requirements
S1.5c English - Secondary Content Requirements
S1.5d History - Secondary Content Requirements
S1.5e Math - Secondary Content Requirements
S1.6a Guidelines for the Use of OAFTI
S1.6b OAFTI form
S1.7a OAFTI Content Knowledge Data for Campus
S1.7b OAFTI Content Knowledge Data for Outreach
S1.7c OAFTI Content Knowledge Data for Middle and High SchoolS1.8a

Graduate Survey

S1.8b Employer Survey
S1.9a Praxis Scores for ECU
S1.9b Praxis Scores for Elementary
S1.9c Praxis Scores for Secondary
CF.2a Overview of the Conceptual Framework
CF.2b Conceptual Framework
S1.10a EDUC 3003 The Exceptional Child syllabus
S1.10b EDUC 3323 Methods of Differentiation and Multicultural Education syllabus
S1.11a OAFTI Pedagogical Content Knowledge and Skills for campus
S1.11b OAFTI Pedagogical Content Knowledge and Skills for outreach
S1.11c OAFTI Pedagogical Content Knowledge and Skills for middle school and high school
S1.12a NUTPP Scoring Rubric
S1.12b NUTPP Data Table
S1.12c Exemplary NUTPP example
S1.12d NUTPP Task #2 and #3 Data
S1.13 EDUC 3123 Instructional Planning syllabus
S1.14 Admission Interview
S1.15 Candidate Interview Profile Scores
S1.16a OAFTI Professional Dispositions for Campus
S1.16b OAFTI Professional Dispositions for Outreach
S1.16c OAFTI Professional Dispositions for Middle School and High School

Standard 2 Exhibits

Decision Point Charts

S2.1.a Initial Program Decision Point Matrix
S2.1.b Advanced Program Decision Point Matrix

Matrix Documents with standards and assessments

S2.2.a ECU Matrix of Assessments and Standards
S2.2.b Elementary Matrix of Assessments and Standards
S2.2.c Secondary English Matrix of Assessments and Standards
S2.2.d Secondary History Government Matrix of Assessments and Standards
S2.2.e Secondary Math Matrix of Assessments and Standards
S2.2.f Secondary Biology (inactive program) Matrix of Assessments and Standards
S2.2.g Secondary Chemistry (inactive program) Matrix of Assessments and Standards
S2.2.h Building Leadership
S2.2.i ESOL Matrix of Assessments and Standards
S2.2.j Reading Specialist

Elementary Education Assessments

S2.3.a PPST/ACT Entry Score Summary
S2.3.b Praxis II Licensure Scores
S2.3.c Praxis II content test sub-scores
S2.3.d Newman University Lesson Plan
S2.3.e.1 OAFTI Elementary Campus Summary
S2.3.e.2 OAFTI Elementary Outreach Summary
S2.3.e.3 OAFTI Summary for Secondary and Middle School
S2.3.f Literacy Portfolio
S2.3.g Comprehensive Mathematics Exam
S2.3.h Comprehensive Science Exam
S2.3.i Comprehensive Social Studies Exam
S2.3.j Art Portfolio
S2.3.k Comprehensive PE Exam
S2.3.l PLT Score Summary

Secondary Program Education Assessments

S2.4.a Secondary English
S2.4.c Secondary Mathematics
S2.4.b Secondary History Government

Graduate Program Education Assessments

S2.5.b ESOL
S2.5.a Building Leadership
S2.5.c Reading Specialist

Supporting documents

S2.6.a Admission and Progression Committee Description
S2.6.b Illustrations of A and P function
S2.6.c Teacher Education Program Application Process
S2.6.d Teacher Internship Program Application Process /p>

Examples/Illustrations of Program Changes

S2.7.a Examples of ECU Changes based on assessment and feedback
S2.7.b Examples of Elementary Changes based on assessment and feedback
S2.7.c Examples of Secondary Major Changes based on assessment and feedback
S2.7.d Examples of Advanced Program Changes based on assessment and feedback

Standard 3 Exhibits

Examples of Collaborative Activities

S3.1a PDS Brochure
S3.1b PDS Contact information sheet
S3.1c PDS Letter of agreement
S3.1d Field experience placement request
S3.1e Field experience placement notice
S3.1f Field experience lesson evaluation
S3.1g Teacher internship placement request
S3.1h Teacher internship placement contract
S3.1i Letter to cooperating teachers
S3.1j Agenda for coop. teacher orientation meeting
S3.1k Agenda and sign-in record orientation meeting with SEK adjunct faculty

Policies and data on candidate placements in field experience

CF.2b Conceptual Framework
S3.2a Field experience placement request
S3.2b Completed field experience log
S3.1c PDS Letter of agreement
S3.2c Teacher internship program grid
S3.2d Teacher internship placement request to district
S3.2e Cooperating teacher vitae form
S3.2f Expected outcomes from EDUC 4013 Art & Science of Teaching companion course to internship

Guidelines and handbooks for field and clinical experiences

S3.3a Field experience handbook
S3.3b Reading practicum forms
S3.3c Handbook for teacher interns
S3.3d Handbook for cooperating teachers
S3.3e Handbook for university supervisors

Assessment instruments and scoring guides

S3.4a NUTPP scoring rubric
S1.6a Guidelines for the use of OAFTI
S1.6b OAFTI form
S3.1f Field experience lesson evaluation
S4.3a Newman lesson plan guidelines
S4.3b Newman lesson rubric

Standard 4 Exhibits

S4.1 Candidate proficiencies related to diversity
S4.2 Program components that address diversity

Assessments and rubrics related to diversity

S4.3a Newman lesson plan guidelines
S4.3b Newman lesson rubric
S4.3c TIP Reflection essay rubric
S1.6a Guidelines for using the OAFTI
S1.6b OAFTI form
S1.12c Class Profile from NUTPP example
S1.14 Candidate admission interview
S4.4 Faculty demographics
S4.5 Candidate demographics
S4.6 Students in P-12 clinical schools demographics
S4.7 Procedures for recruiting faculty
S4.8 Policies and practices for retaining candidates
S4.9 Policies and practices for working with P-12 students from diverse groups

Standard 5 Exhibits

S5.1 Cooperating Teacher Handbook
S5.2 Student Evaluation Survey Results sample
S5.3 Faculty Professional Activity Inventory and Self-Evaluation (FPAISE) form
S5.4 Faculty Development Plan
S5.5 Faculty Teaching Credentials
S5.6 SOE Action Plan
S5.7 Faculty Qualification and Experiences
S5.8 School of Education faculty retreat schedule
S5.9 Minutes referring to faculty book study

Standard 6 Exhibits

Policies, procedures, and practices for governance and operations of the unit

S6.3.a1 Academic Decisions Procedures
S6.3.a2 Duties School Directors
S6.3.a3 Elementary Education Council
S6.3.a4 Secondary Education Council
S6.3.a5 Graduate Council
S6.3.a6 Newman University (NU) Strategic Plan
S6.3.a7 NU Campus Map
S6.3.a8 Professional Development School Description
S6.3.a9 Unit Operational Plan
S6.3.a10 Unit Operational Plan Revised
S6.3.a11 Unit Operational Plan Update
S6.3.a12 NU Summer Faculty Salary Schedule
S6.3.a13 Teacher Education Council
S6.3.a14 Undergraduate Advisory Council Wichita campus
S6.3.a15 Undergraduate Advisory Council Letter
S6.3.a16 WKC Advisory Council Minutes
S6.3.a17 NU Learning Assessment Summary

Organizational chart and/or description of the unit governance structure and its relationship to institutional governance structure

S6.3.b1 NU Faculty Handbook
S6.3.b2 NU Faculty Senate Officers and Committees
S6.3.b3 NU Faculty Senate Constitution
S6.3.b4 NU Higher Learning Progress Report
S6.3.b5 NU Higher Learning Report
S6.3.b.6 NU Faculty Orientation Guide
S6.3.b7 NU Organizational Chart
S6.3.b8 NU Academic Affairs Organizational Chart
S6.3.b9 NU Strategic Plan

Policies, procedures, and practices for candidate services such as counseling and advising

S6.3.c1 NU Math and Writing Center
S6.3.c2 NU Hangar Lab Request Form
S6.3.c3 NU Project Care Request Form

Policies, procedures, and practices for candidate recruitment and admission, and accessibility to candidates and the education community

S6.3.d1 Teacher Academy
S6.3.d2 NU Articulation Agreements Database
S6.3.d3 NU Butler County CC Combined Agreement
S6.3.d4 NU Butler County CC General Agreement

Academic calendars, catalogs, unit publications, grading policies, and unit advertising

S6.3.e1 NU Catalog
S6.3.e2 Building Leadership Flyer
S6.3.e3 Curriculum and Instruction Accountability Flyer
S6.3.e4 Curriculum and Instruction ESOL Flyer
S6.3.e5 Reading Specialist Flyer
S6.3.e6 WKC Flyer
S6.3.e7 WKC TEP Brochure

Unit budget, with provisions for assessment, technology, professional development, and support for off-campus, distance learning , and alternative route programs when applicable

S6.3.f1 Unit Budgets

Budgets of comparable units with clinical components on campus or similar units at other campuses

S6.3.g1 Nursing Budgets

Policies, procedures, and practices for faculty workload and summary of faculty workload

S6.3.h1 Unit Faculty Release Time
S6.3.h2 ESOL Adjunct Meeting
S6.3.h3 ESOL Adjunct Meeting Streaming Video
S6.3.h4 Campus and SEK Undergraduate Adjuncts
S6.3.h5 WKC ESOL Adjuncts
S6.3.h6 WKC Graduate Adjuncts

Candidates' access to physical and/or virtual classrooms, computer labs, curriculum resources, and library resources that support teaching and learning

S6.3.i1 Dugan Library Web Page
S6.3.i2 Moodle Software