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Runway Learning Center

Academic Student Support Services


316-942-4291, ext. 2318


ACADEMIC ADVISING:  Personalized academic advising is provided through the Runway Learning Center (ext. 2235) to students who are undecided on a major, conditionally admitted, on academic probation or dismissed from an academic program, or otherwise unsure about how to proceed with selecting or changing a major. Free online tutoring services are offered to Newman students seeking help with their studies at 

CAREER SERVICES: Counseling regarding career options, occupational interest testing and guidance in resume writing and interviewing skills is available, as well as, assistance in choosing an academic major ( A library of career information, current job openings and available internships via Handshake, (NU Career Management System). Career development presentations are available for clubs and classrooms. Weekend career development workshops are available for credit in the spring for NU students. Call ext. 2234 to learn more about the career services or send an email to [email protected].

COOPERATIVE EDUCATION/INTERNSHIPS: Experiential learning experiences enable students to work directly with professionals in their field to expand upon knowledge gained in the classroom. In most cases, college credit may be awarded. Call ext. 2234 for specific information, visit the NU website and key in “cooperative education” in the search box to learn about the process, or email [email protected].

DISABILITY ACCOMMODATIONS: Students requesting accommodations through the Americans with Disability Act should make an appointment through the Runway Learning Center or dial ext. 2235 to schedule an appointment to meet with the director of ADA Services.

INTERNATIONAL STUDENT SERVICES: Current and accepted Newman students who are on F-1 Student VISAs with advising regarding their time studying in the United States are provided needed services. Services provided include guidance on maintaining F-1 Immigration Status, help for F-1 students wishing to apply for employment permissions, advice in navigating University policies and processes, cultural adaptation assistance (domestic processes like getting a bank account, and ensuring that students maintain compliance with US Immigration Laws). Please note, International Student Services is not a legal service and does not supply legal immigration advice. Contact the Runway Learning Center or dial ext. 2235 to schedule an appointment.

PERSONAL COUNSELING: Confidential short-term personal counseling is available on a referral basis without charge for students who wish to discuss concerns about university, family or personal life. Call ext. 2234 for referral information, visit the NU website and key in “counseling” in the search box to locate the Referral Agreement, or email [email protected].

PROJECT CARE: Project Care is a support program for students who may be having difficulty with one or more of their classes, personal issues or other challenges. Students can refer themselves. Depending on the needed support, the student may be directed to various campus resources. The Student Support Services coordinator (ext. 2234) provides referrals for academic assistance and support services to students who are experiencing difficulties. Faculty, staff, administration, students and parents may refer an individual to Project Care by emailing [email protected].  

TESTING SERVICES: The testing center proctors distance exams, administers NU placement assessments, Residual ACTs, and make-up tests. Testing accommodations for students with disabilities are also provided. 

  • Make-Up Exams: Students who miss an exam in their regular class due to an excused reason should arrange with the instructor regarding possible make up exams and then schedule an appointment on the online scheduler ( They must also communicate with the instructor to insure that the exam is submitted to the testing center.

TUTORING: Free tutoring services are offered to Newman students seeking help with their studies. The students can connect with an online tutor platform 24/7, 365 days a year for a single problem or for a 3-hour lesson. Highly qualified tutors are available to assist in 300+ subject areas. Writing assistance is available through The online tutors are trained using the CRLA model (College Reading and Learning Association.) access is available through each Canvas course. The instructor will have to turn it on for each course.