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Disability Resources

Resources for Undiagnosed Disabilities

Note: Always check with your health insurance first to see if providers are in-network.

Wichita State University (WSU), Counseling and Testing Center
Contact: Dr. Amy Barfield
Phone: 316-978-3440
Cost: WSU has a three-tiered pricing schedule. The rate for community members not affiliated with WSU is $1150.00 for comprehensive testing. Faculty, staff, and family members of both pay a median-tier reduced rate of $500. WSU students are granted the lowest rate of $200. Insurance may pay for part of the testing; however, the clinic does not file insurance paperwork.
Types of testing: WSU offers a full battery of psychoeducational testing for any type of learning disability (LD), including IQ and achievement testing, to meet documentation requirements under the ADA. WSU also provides evaluation for diagnoses of ADD/ADHD.

Kansas Behavioral Health
Phone: 316-531-6927
Cost: The hourly rate for assessments is $210. Assessments range between 2-6 hours depending on the diagnosis. Kansas Behavioral Health accepts many different types of insurance.
Type of testing: Kansas Behavioral Health assesses for all types of learning disability and mental health diagnoses.

Dr. Paul White, Licensed Ph.D. Psychologist
Phone: 316-448-2830
Cost: Dr. White charges $200 per hour; six hours of testing, three office visits, generally costs around $1,200. However, insurance may cover part of the cost, depending on the diagnosis. Dr. White is very flexible regarding payment plans.
Types of testing: Dr. White evaluates both children and adults for every kind of learning disability, including dyslexia, dysgraphia and ADD/ADHD. Dr. White conducts a full psychoeducational evaluation utilizing IQ and achievement tests, etc.

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