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Accommodation Process

The academic accommodations process will look like this:

  1. To contact the Disability Services Office, please contact the Director of Equitable Access, Case Bell, at one of the following:
    1. by email: [email protected];
    2. by phone: 316-942-4291 xt 2235; or
    3. in person: At the Runway Learning Center in 301 Sacred Heart Hall.
  2. The Disability Services Office will explain the process in detail, but there will be three main components to requesting academic accommodations. These three components are:
    1. Documentation which:
      1. is no more than 3 years old (if the documentation becomes more than 3 years old while enrolled at Newman, re-evaluation may be needed on a case-by-case basis);
      2. states the nature of the disability (including diagnoses);
      3. clearly lists recommended accommodations; and
      4. includes the evaluator’s professional credentials and affiliation (evaluator must not be related to student).
    2. A signed release of information allowing the Disability Services Office to discuss the accommodations with faculty and appropriate staff (details of the diagnosis are not discussed, only the specific accommodations and basic levels of information). The release of information can be revoked at any time by the student, however doing so may inhibit the ability to continue accommodations.
    3. A signed semesterly request form, filled out at the beginning of each semester, which details which accommodations are being requested.
  3. Once these three components have been received, the student and Disability Services Office will discuss the accommodations and the Disability Services Office will make a determination on whether the accommodations will be granted as requested, granted in a different format, or denied. If the Accommodations are granted in a format different than requested or denied, the student will receive a letter detailing that determination, with the opportunity to appeal.
  4. After completing this portion of the process, the Disability Services Office will finish processing the request and send ADA Letters of Accommodations to the necessary faculty and staff, which details the granted accommodations.
  5. The student should then communicate with the faculty in their classes regarding the implementation of the granted accommodations.
  6. At the beginning of each semester, a new semesterly request form must be filed with the Disability Services Office (a new one will be emailed to each student prior to the start of the semester).

Appeals Process:

If you believe that the Disability Services Office has incorrectly denied your request for accommodations, or has selected an accommodation that does not effectively remedy the effects of your disability, you can file an appeal by first meeting with the Director of Disability Services (at this time, this is Case Bell, the Director of Equitable Access), to discuss your grievance in detail. If after this meeting, you still feel that you would like to advance your appeal, you can submit a formal appeal to the Academic Affairs Office. Appeals must be submitted in writing and mailed, emailed, or hand delivered to the Academic Affairs Office located in Sacred Heart Hall. In the appeal, please include detailed information regarding the original request for accommodations, documentation submitted for that request, information regarding the decision the student is requesting to be appealed, and the rational for why this decision should be appealed. The Academic Affairs Office will provide a written response within 10 business days.