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Disability Services

The Newman University Department of Disability Services coordinates support services so that students who have a documented permanent or temporary disability can have access to same educational opportunities as their peers. The ADA/Disabilities Services Coordinator, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., serves as the liaison between the Newman faculty, staff, and the student. The Coordinator works to protect the privacy of each student. Services are provided at no cost to enrolled students on an individual basis and in accordance with the Americans with Disability Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

Services Provided

Types of disabilities that may qualify for services include, but are not limited to:

  • Visual
  • Physical
  • Deaf/Hard of Hearing
  • Specific Learning Disabilities
  • Psychological
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Medical
  • Other Identified and Documented Disabilities

We provide reasonable accommodations, as required by law, on a case-to-case basis. We do not always accept every recommendation of the evaluator, only those that are required by law to bring us into compliance with the spirit and the letter of the law. These have included, but are not limited to:

Services Not provided

We do not provide, nor does the law require us to provide:

  • Reduced standards in courses
  • Textbooks
  • Transportation to school
  • Hearing aids or other personal devices
  • Exemptions to graduation requirements
  • Personal care assistance
  • Services which fundamentally alter the requirements of the courses

Sign Language Interpreter Services

Deaf and hard of hearing students needing sign language interpreter services should contact the Department of Disability Services as soon as possible. Locating and arranging these services can be difficult due to the limited number of sign language interpreters in the area.

DS Responsibilities:

  • The director of Disability Services will contact the interpreter services and make arrangements based on the student’s schedule.
  • Coordinate schedule for interpreter and arrange for payment of services.

Student Responsibilities:

  • Contact the Department of Disability Services as soon as possible in order for services to be arranged.
  • Meet with the interpreter to discuss class procedures and establish meeting places prior to class.
  • Notify the interpreter of absences at least 24 hours in advance, if possible.
  • Attend class regularly and participate fully in the assigned activities.

Rules and Responsibilities:

  • Late requests for interpreters may not be met due to limited number of available interpreters in the area.
  • Students who fail to notify the director of Disability Services or interpreter of absences 24 hours prior to class for three times will have their interpreter services suspended until they meet with the director of Disability Services. After five unexcused absences, the interpreting services will be suspended for the remainder of the semester and another means of accommodating the student will be provided.
  • Interpreters will be required to wait no longer than 15 minutes at classes or activities for the students using their services. Arrivals to class or activities after 15 minutes will be considered no-shows.

Modified Testing

Any student whose documentation supports the need for extended time, oral tests, scribed services, or a distraction-reduced environment may make arrangements to take tests in the Office of Student and Academic Support Services.

DS Responsibilities:

  • The director of Disability Services will notify instructors of student test accommodation needs. The instructor and the director of Disability Services will determine the most suitable testing environment to meet the student’s needs.
  • Many times, the instructor will provide the testing accommodation within the class; however, if an instructor is unable to do so, they will make arrangements with the Department of Disability Services to provide the service.
  • The director of Disability Services will advocate for the student’s needs if an instructor is hesitant to provide them.

Student Responsibilities:

  • The student should make contact with instructors to discuss the requested testing accommodation needed within the first week of class. The student will need to make arrangements with the instructor prior to taking the test.
  • The student should only request the testing accommodation that is listed on his/her personalized plan of assistance.
  • The student should remind the instructor prior to the exam of the accommodations needed.
  • If the instructor chooses to have the student take the exam at a different site or at a different time, the test can be taken at the Testing Center in the Office of Student and Academic Support Services, 302 Sacred Heart Hall. The instructor will need to provide the Testing Center with a copy of the test and any instructions needed for giving the test.
  • The student will need to schedule a time to take the test by calling 2318 or 2319 to set up an appointment. All testing accommodations will be administered in the testing room in this office.
  • Please note that personal items (purse, backpack, cell phone) are not allowed in the testing room. The office will do its best to secure belongings, but cannot be responsible if belongings are lost or stolen.

Note Taker

Students whose documentation indicates an inability to take adequate lecture notes will be assigned a note taker for each class.

DS Responsibilities:

  • The Department of Disability Services will provide students with note taking paper for copies of notes to be made for the student.
  • The director of Disability Services will provide assistance to the student if they are unable to find a note taker.

Student Responsibilities:

  • The student will find someone to take notes for them during the first week or two of classes and notify the director of Disability Services of the student’s name, address and phone number.
  • The student shall take their own notes during class (if physically able). They are to use their own notes as a supplement to the note taker’s notes. The student should also rewrite and organize notes the same day as the class so the material is fresh and easier to remember.
  • When the note taker is absent from a class, the student should utilize their own notes or ask another student for their notes for that day.
  • The student must attend class every day. Excessive absences will result in the review of the accommodation.
  • Notify the director of Disability Services immediately if the note taker’s notes are unsatisfactory or if the note taker fails to provide a copy of their notes. The director reserves the right to review the student’s notes.

Assistive Technology

A variety of software is provided to student computer labs at the college, including programs that are designed to read electronic text aloud to students. This software may also be provided to students for their personal computers as well. Make sure you talk to the director of Disability Services about this service.

Alternate Format Texts

Any student who has a documented disability which affects access to printed materials may qualify for alternate format texts. This includes blindness, low vision, learning disabilities, and other physical impairments.

DS Responsibilities:

  • The Department of Disability Services will provide the alternate format textbooks and other course-related materials to the student as soon as possible. Please be aware that schedule changes and late enrollment can result in a delay of services.
  • The Department of Disability Services will provide the alternate text, if it is available. Most texts are available in an electronic format. Computer software will be made available for electronic text in student computer labs and/or for personal computers away from campus. In some cases, permission to use the text in its alternate format is required from the publishers, which may take six to eight weeks to obtain. The director of Disability Services should be notified about the request as soon as possible.

Student Responsibilities:

  • Students must notify the director of Disability Services immediately with any course or schedule changes prior to the start of the semester.
  • Alternate format texts are NOT a substitute for the necessity of the actual required textbook. Students must purchase the required text for each course.
  • To expedite the process of receiving alternate text, please provide the following information to the director of Disability Services before the beginning of the semester:
    • Book title
    • Course Number
    • Line Number
    • Name of the Instructor
    • Syllabus from the class (the student may need to speak to the instructor in advance to get a copy of the syllabus he/she uses for the class. If the instructor does not have a copy of the syllabus, the student should ask him/her for textbook information, including page numbers to be read, if available
      • Once the director has the information needed, the director will check first with RFB&D to see if the textbooks are available through their services. If they are not, additional time will be needed to either request a PDF or audio-text version of the text from the publisher, or to hire someone to read the books onto tape. Students may be required to provide a copy of the textbook to the director of Disability Services; in some cases, the book may be unbound for ease of use, then either spiral bound or hole-punched and placed in a 3-ring binder before it is returned.
      • Materials will be stored in the director’s office. Students are responsible for picking up their tapes or CDs. Students will need to sign out the tapes or CDs and should return them to the director at the end of the semester of the week after finals have been completed. Students are accountable for the tapes or CDs and players they have checked out. It is important to return items which have been checked out as soon as the semester is completed. Failure to do so will result in financial penalties.
  • Students should contact the director of Disability Services immediately if their tapes or CDs are unclear or if they are having technical difficulties.