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Counseling Services


Mental Health Emergency: 

If you are need of immediate assistance, call 316-247-7377 during business hours (Monday-Thursday 8 am-5 pm) or 911 or 316-660-7500 (24/7 crisis helpline).


Counseling Referral (non emergency): 

If you or someone you know wants or needs to visit with a professional personal counselor, Newman University's Counseling Referral Service is available. Contact Kate Bussell in the Runway Learning Center (SHH301) or email [email protected] to receive the required counseling referral paperwork.

Counseling Referral Service Guidelines:

  • All referrals and services are confidential.
  • Short-term professional personal counseling with a licensed counselor is available for students at no cost.
  • Services are available for all currently enrolled students.
  • All services will be teletherapy for the 2020FA semester.
  • Six (6) free counseling sessions are offered to NU full-time students per academic year
  • If a student fails to keep a scheduled appointment, the student’s Student Account will be assessed $32.50 for the first missed appointment, increasing with each subsequent missed appointment.