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Frequency Asked Questions

Am I required to take the PPST before entrance into the TEP?

Students have the option of taking and passing one of, or a mixture of the following assessment tests with at least the minimum score and must present evidence that they have taken the PPST before entering the education program. The deadline for successful completion of the PPST is the end of the student's first semester at Newman.

Assessment Test Reading Writing Math


(519 Total Score)

171 171 171
ACT 19 19 or  PPST 19

Note: All scores shown are minimum score needed

Will I have to take courses online or by Interactive Television (ITV)?

Most courses are face-to-face. An occasional class may required flexible delivery.

Is my teaching internship part of the 16 month program?

Yes, the internship will be the last semester of the program.

Can I take all the Teacher Education Program (TEP) courses at night?

All classes are offered at night but the program requires different levels of field experience that must be completed in a classroom setting during the day.

Can I take blocks in any order?

No, the Distance TEP is sequential and incremental

Transfer Information

Can I transfer in credits?

A student may transfer in a maximum of 74 community college credit hours into the TEP program.

There is not a limit to the number of transfer credit hours from a four-year institution.

To receive a degree or recommendation for licensure from Newman, a student must take at least 30 hours from NU.

If I already have a degree, am I eligible for the Teacher Education Program and Licensure?

Yes, a four-year bachelor's degree and an associate degree will be accepted to meet the university's general education requirements

In addition, if a student has a four-year degree and a cumulative GPA at least 3.0, the PPST requirement will be waved.

Degree students must also have a "C" in select courses.

For degree and licensure, a student is required, in addition to the above requirement, to complete the university's theology and philosophy requirements.

In order to receive a degree from Newman, students must take at least 30 hours from NU.

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