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Goals and Objectives

Goal I

Newman University will nurture a positive, uplifting environment by supporting its human, financial and physical resources.


  1. Create a plan for funding staff and faculty salary models based on enrollment, revenue, and the university’s long-term fiscal goals.
  2. Develop and maintain physical resources and technological infrastructures that will allow us to meet our curricular and co-curricular goals.
  3. Implement a transparent, participatory budget process.
  4. Successfully complete the Facing Forward capital campaign while continuing to grow the endowment.
  5. Maximize individual and organizational potential by fostering a healthy, safe, and productive work environment.

Goal II

Newman University will provide opportunities for students to experience transformational academic programs.


  1. Expand innovative methods of course delivery.
  2. Fully implement the Newman Studies Program as a foundational element of a Newman education and an exemplar for general education programs among peer institutions.
  3. Create/Grow high-impact, high-quality academic programs, especially in areas with high demand and high capacity.
  4. Develop programs and experiences that stimulate students’ awareness of their role in a global community.
  5. Create a culture of mentorship in which advisors and all faculty adopt a developmental approach to academic advising and student support.
  6. Create a cultural shift in our graduate programs that fosters visioning, innovating, and risk-taking.

Goal III

Newman University will continue to develop comprehensive and integrated co-curricular programs to foster life-long learning and enhance the out of class experience.


  1. Increase and strengthen programming and student involvement in campus organizations.
  2. Integrate service and service learning across the curriculum.
  3. Develop a comprehensive leadership program that builds on the current leadership tracks in Education and the MBA.
  4. Leverage community partnerships to provide transformative experiences for our graduate students.

Goal IV

Newman University will nourish its Catholic identity and engage those of all faiths in the common pursuit of the truth.


  1. Encourage service-learning and internship opportunities for students, in collaboration with the ASC congregation, in areas of the country and world where vulnerable populations are in need.
  2. Expand Newman University community programs on Catholic Identity.
  3. Work with other faith communities through service and programs in accordance with the missions of Newman and the universal church.
  4. Ensure that Catholic principles permeate Newman’s curricular, co-curricular, and business operations.

Goal V

Newman University will expand partnerships with alumni and with church, higher education, and community organizations.


  1. University Advancement and the NU Alumni Association will develop programs to strengthen alumni engagement in the life of the university.
  2. Newman will build and sustain positive relationships with educational entities to further advance the mission of Newman University.
  3. Increase knowledge about Newman University in church communities by means of presentations and service projects.
  4. Make Newman University a leading resource in the community for Church issues.
  5. Increase participation in community service by community members.

Goal VI

Newman University will increase its capacity to use data to make effective decisions.


  1. Achieve full reaffirmation of Newman’s accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission.
  2. Implement assessment of co-curricular programs to match the current assessment of all curricular programs.
  3. Increase capacity to analyze institutional data.


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