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Sports Communication

Degree in Sports Communicaton - Wichita, Kansas

Earn a Sports Communication Degree

Research, write and broadcast stories to the world through major sports media outlets

Our sports communication program uniquely blends business and communication courses with sports business application. Students in this cross-disciplinary program will learn strong written and oral presentation skills along with effective management principles. It is a great way to remain close to the sports action while preparing you for an exciting career in a wide variety of professional industries.

Our students learn and practice skills through coursework in Professional Presentations, Business and Professional Writing, Group Communication, and Organizational Communication. These skills learned at our private university can be put to use in any sized company and across all industries.

About Our Faculty

Sports Communication Department

Our faculty and staff have the knowledge and experience to help you prepare for a career in sports communication. If you need clarification on a class assignment or advice on how to approach your future, you can feel confident that our faculty is available and ready to help.

Job Outlook

While pursuing a degree in the field of sports communication, you can expect a promising future.

"The Class of 2017 graduates with the highest projected increases in average starting salary are social sciences and communications graduates. The projection for social sciences graduates - $53,459 - has climbed almost 15 percent over last year’s projection.


A degree in sports communication will give you the opportunity to work in a variety of fields and specialties related to sports. Here are some examples of potential careers and median salaries:

  • Sports Analyst ($76,370 a year)
  • Coach ($39,150 a year)
  • Sports Journalist ($43,640 a year)
  • Sports Psychologist ($70,000 a year)


Our Sports Communication students have the opportunity to gain real-world experience by interning in the Wichita community through companies such as Wichita Thunder Hockey, Kansas City Sports Commission, and YMCA. This allows you to gain real experience in the sports communication industry.

Get Involved on Campus

One of the best ways to find success during your college career is to get involved in campus clubs and organizations. Within our Sports Communication program, students can join the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) or the Ultimate Frisbee Club. These organizations allow for personal growth, networking, and future career success.

Program Outcomes


"When I first came to Newman, I met a lot of really incredible people, and they were very nice and very loving, so I thought it would be a loving atmosphere, and that's exactly what I got. I met so many incredible people, I've connected with faculty who have just been so influential and encouraging in my process in being at Newman. It has been a beautiful experience."

Precious Howard

"I think communication and teamwork, especially with my advisors, and having that small classroom size really helped me because it was a one-on-one. They knew my name and I wasn’t just a number."

Emily Lieven