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Discrimination notice

The Newman University Program of Radiological Technology does not discriminate because of race, color, sex, ancestry, national origin, marital status, age, religious preference, or disability. For further information, see the non-discrimination notice published in the University catalog.

Program Requirements

In addition to a college GPA of 2.75 or better, applicants must have completed or be currently enrolled in the following college courses (or equivalent) before applying to the Radiologic Technology Program. If currently enrolled, they must be completed with a "C" or better by the start of the summer semester (June).

  • Human Anatomy and Physiology (with lab)
  • Intermediate Algebra*
  • College Writing I
  • College GPA of 2.75 or better

*If taking chemistry at Newman, college algebra is strongly recommended.

The following courses are required for the associate degree (see University catalog) and must be completed to graduate from the program. If taken at NU during the professional curriculum, the courses must be taken during specific semesters to avoid conflict with clinical instruction.

  • Introduction to Chemistry (includes lab)
  • Medical Terminology
  • Oral Communication
  • Theology
  • Philosophy

The Application Process

For those interested in applying to the Radiological Technology Program, the following process must be completed. The deadline for returning all paperwork is April 1.

  1. Acceptance to Newman University. To apply to the University, call or write for an application packet and explain that you are interested in Radiological Technology. You may reach Newman University admissions at 942-4291 Ex. 2129.
  2. Completed courses (or be currently enrolled) in Human Anatomy and Physiology, Intermediate Algebra*, and College Writing I at Newman University or another acceptable institution.
  3. You must be accepted to the university, complete or be currently enrolled in prerequisite courses, and confirm that transcripts have reached the Newman University Registrar’s office before starting step three. Apply to the radiological technology program using the application found below. *If you are taking chemistry at Newman University, college algebra is strongly recommended.
  4. The following application documents must be received by April 1.
  5. Students will be selected from the following criteria:
    • those who have fulfilled the admission requirements by the deadline
    • scores derived from their cumulative GPA
    • prerequisite grades
    • application information
    • essay and resumé
  6. An interview will be offered to those applicants whose scores are satisfactory from the above criteria. Interview appointments will be assigned in the month of April, after the application deadline. A letter of acceptance, alternate status, or denial to the program will be mailed to the applicants after all interviews are completed.
  7. Students accepted for admission are required to confirm their intention to attend the program in writing and include a $400 non-refundable deposit within 5 (five) working days. The deposit is applied toward radiology program fees.
  8. Alternates will be selected if openings occur according to numerical ranking. Alternates may be admitted up to 2 weeks into the summer semester if all positions have not been filled.
  9. Once selected, the student must have a physical examination to demonstrate ability to physically complete clinical requirements.
  10. You will be required to have the following immunizations: TB skin test (current year), Tdap, 2 MMR or positive titer, HBV (series must be started), 2 varicella or positive titer and an annual flu immunization.
  11. A criminal background check (paid separately from the $400 deposit) must be successfully completed per clinical affiliation agreements. Should the background check disclose adverse information, the school may remove said student from the program.
  12. Students who are accepted into the Radiologic Technology Program will be required to take and pass a drug test.  The fee for this will be paid separately from the $400 deposit.