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Concentration in Pre-Occupational Therapy

This degree focuses on providing students with the necessary skills to get into medical school.

  • Be accepted into medical school
  • Function as an art therapist, health promotion specialist, occupational therapist, or sports therapist
  • Work in hospitals, housing associations, schools, community centers, prisons, or job centers

While earning your pre-occupational therapy degree, you can expect to take courses including Nutrition, Medical Terminology, Internship in Sports Medicine, and Kinesiology. 

Concentration in Pre-Occupational Therapy

Curriculum / Plan of Study

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(30 credit hours)

  • BIOL 2022 Medical Terminology
  • BIOL 2053 Nutrition
  • BIOL 3033 Adv Anatomy
  • BIOL 3303 Exercise Physiology
  • BIOL 3323 Kinesiology
  • BIOL 4123 Internship in Sports Med
  • MATH 1053 Trigonometry
  • PHSC 2011 Physics 1 Lab
  • PHSC 2013 Physics 1
  • PSY Electives – 6 credit hours