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Teacher Inquiry into Math, Engineering, and Science Practices

The Teacher Inquiry into Math, Engineering, and Science Practices (TIMES*P) project seeks a collegial professional learning structure between Newman University, Wichita area high-need smaller and/or rural districts, and local businesses.  The partners include Newman University’s Division of Science and Mathematics and School of Education, IBM and Westar Energy corporations, and educators of grades 3-5 from Haysville Public School District (USD 261), Winfield Public School District (USD 465), Belle Plaine Public School District (USD 357), and the Diocese of Wichita Catholic Schools.

The Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE) awarded funding for TIMES*P as part of the federal Math and Science Partnerships (MSP) program.  The TIMES*P project is a three-year collaborative professional development approach aimed at strengthening teacher participants’ content knowledge in both math and science, enhancing the ability of teachers to implement Kansas College and Career Ready Standards for Mathematics (KCCRSM) and Kansas College and Career Ready Standards for Science (KCCRSS), and enhancing teachers’ capacity to integrate STEM education.      

Each year, project activities launch with a two-week summer institute at Newman University aimed at immersing teacher participants in scientific inquiry, engineering design, and rigorous mathematical tasks as related to KCCRSM and KCCRSS for the intermediate grades.  Furthermore, to support teachers’ capacity to integrate STEM education, TIMES*P intends to leverage the use of the latest integrated STEM project-based educational resources being developed and shared by their business partners.   

During the school year, the project provides ongoing support.  A project instructional coach provides three classroom observations and feedback sessions per participant to support the teachers as they deepen their instructional practice in math and science.  Furthermore, the participant teachers engage in peer observation and reflection of a math or science lesson. 

All parties in the project believe that the combination of intensive summer classroom instruction and discussion, the sharing of effective teaching practices throughout the year, and the exposure to how current effective STEM education manifests itself in the workplace, can all combine to more effectively support student mathematics and science achievement.  TIMES*P will be supporting teachers’ capacity to engage in effective teaching in order to support the academic achievement of all students.

Contact Information

Dr. Barbara Sponsel – Program Director

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or 316-942-4291 x 2247