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Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies

This degree focuses on customizing a program to fit a variety of your academic interests.

  • Work in various fields with prominent careers choices
  • Incorporate your skills in the global economy
  • Pursue personal interests and passions

While earning your Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies, you can expect to take 36 credit hours from 3 academic disciplines offered at our private university including Interdisciplinary Project.


Visit the University Catalog page for the most up-to-date curriculum requirements
View the 4-year completion outline 
View the 2-year completion outline for students entering with an approved associate's (AA or AS) degree

Beyond the core requirements which provide a foundation for liberal education, the bachelor of arts in liberal studies requires specific courses directed at broad social and cultural ideas, particularly the ethical dimension of the human person in community. This is coupled with a minimum of 12 credit hours of coursework in each of three distinct disciplines. The capstone project serves to bring the major to completion.

39 total credit hours including:

  • 36 credit hours from 3 academic disciplines offered at Newman (listed below)
  • University (12 credit hours from each discipline). A minimum of 3 credit hours in each discipline must be Newman University credit.
  • HUM 4063 Interdisciplinary Project

36 total credit hours from 3 of the following disciplines:

Art Information Technology
Biology Mathematics
Business Administration Music
Chemistry Nursing
Communication Philosophy
Counseling Physical Science
Education Psychology
English Sociology
History Theology

Program Requirements

  • Required classes from the General Education Curriculum may not be included in the twelve credit hours of a discipline for the degree.
  • Students may include no more than four one-hour classes within the 39 credit hours of the liberal studies major.
  • Minors will not be granted for disciplines included in the liberal studies major.
  • The liberal studies major may not be included with another major for a double major.

The requirements above are specific requirements for this major. You must also fulfill general education requirements and general bachelor’s (or associate or associate of science in health science) degree requirements. Please refer to the Newman University Catalogs for details. After admission to Newman University, your Newman advisor can help explain program and university requirements.