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Honors Activities

What will you do at Newman as an Honors student?

  • Enroll in special courses designed to focus specifically on thinking and communication skills, including:
    • Specially designed seminars your freshman and senior years which hone critical thinking skills and expose students to a variety of ways to view the world.
    • Dedicated honors sections of catalog courses which foster working one-on-one with professors in regular classes to enhance learning to the Honors level.
  • Be a leader on campus by:
    • Planning a yearly All-University Forum to discuss an important societal issue
    • Helping to shape the Honors Program
    • Modeling the importance of learning to the other students
  • Form a community of friends and colleagues who you will know for the rest of your life
    • In addition to your fellow students, you will get to know faculty members from a variety of disciplines
    • You will have lunch or coffee with visiting speakers
    • When you graduate, you will become a resource for future honors students