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Honors Program

The Honors Program at Newman University empowers high-achieving students to transform society. Together, we build a strong community, hone our academic skills, learn more about our earth and the people on it, engage with the world outside Newman's campus, and link current students with honors alums and future honors students. Our graduates become active citizens, succeed in their careers and leave their world a little better than they found it.

Honors Program Opportunities

  • Sharpen your thinking skills, integrate into an active community of interesting and interested people, challenging you to perform your very best
  • Signal to employers and graduate schools that you are among the very best Newman has to offer
  • Opportunities for regular interaction with faculty, guest speakers and alumni
  • Application assistance for post-graduate scholarships and fellowships
  • Enroll in special courses designed to focus specifically on thinking and communication skills
  • Leadership development opportunities

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Honors Learning Community

Limited to students in the Honors Program, this Learning Community challenges first-time students to engage in important issues affecting our world today through team building, role-playing, Reacting to the Past curriculum. With the help of two Honors Program faculty, students will also explore Newman University, the Honors Program and to make the most of their education as they prepare for the future.

Open sections of Traditions and Transitions are available for those students unable to enroll in a Learning Community.

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