Sports Communication

This degree uniquely blends business and communication courses with sports business application. Students in this cross-disciplinary program will learn strong written and oral presentation skills packaged with solid management principles. Required elective coursework helps students focus on a personalized area of interest. A sports-based capstone Cooperative Education experience as well as volunteer service opportunities are required, rounding out the student's overall program.

Degrees Offered See the program-specific requirements. (PDF)

Bachelor of Arts in Sports Communication

Prominent Careers

Newman’s Sports Communication program is a great way to remain close to the sports action you love and prepares you for an enjoyable career in a wide variety of professional industries.

Career areas that this degree may lead to, either alone or coupled with a secondary or advanced degree, include:

Sports event planning
Sports writing and broadcasting
Coaching and officiating
Nonprofit, education and fund raising
Stadium management
Video game technology and software development
Sports psychology
Physical therapy and other sports-related sciences
Sports agent and law
Sports statistician
Sports information director
Sporting goods and retail sales
Professional sports leagues and teams
Personal fitness and training
Sports apparel and merchandising
Sports recreation

More Information

Teaching methods will include conventional class lecture, in-class practicum, videos, DVDs and Internet technology, performance recording and self-analysis, group and classroom discussion, individual oral presentation practice and critiques, and community guest lecturers and speakers. Out-of-classroom exercises, field trips, research and service work will be utilized as well.

This cross-disciplinary program will provide you with practical Cooperative Education internship work experience that may include jobs with local television and radio media groups, non-profit agencies, professional sports teams, and other businesses. Moreover, to help foster the Newman mission of service and volunteerism, you will have opportunities to gain enhanced work experience at various nonprofit sports-related fundraising events. Scholarship support is also available with the Victor Murdock Communication Scholarship Endowment. Up to $1,000 per year is available for qualifying students who are interested in working for The Vantage, Newman's student-run newspaper.