The Spanish Program offers challenging and exciting summer study abroad programs in Latin America and Spain that bridge academic study and real world experience, helping you to live and practice what you learn in the classroom as you develop an international and intercultural perspective.

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Spanish Minor

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Whether on-campus or on a study abroad program, as you progress through Spanish courses at Newman University, you will:

  • Learn to read, write, understand and speak the language 
  • Become more linguistically aware 
  • Develop insight into language-learning process 
  • Increase cross-cultural perspective 
  • Increase empathy for persons learning English 
  • Develop communication strategies 
  • View people, literature and art in historical and cultural context 
  • Examine issues related to language acquisition, immigration and cultural adaptation 
  • Collaborate with members of Spanish-speaking communities, locally and/or abroad

Community and International Outreach

Project SONRISA Help us give the gift of a healthy smile to children in Guatemala by donating new toothbrushes or money.

Project VITAMINA As a result of the food crisis, families that are suffering from chronic malnutrition need children's, adult and prenatal vitamins.

Earning the Spanish minor

Studying Spanish at Newman University can profoundly affect your academic and professional career as it transforms your perspective and builds communication skills. The Spanish minor can complement any major course of study and give you an advantage with future employers. It allows you to make connections to speakers of other languages, deepening your understanding and giving you a wider world view.

Students planning to earn the Spanish minor are strongly encouraged to participate in Newman University's Guatemala Study & Serve program. This challenging and exciting cultural immersion experience expedites student development in language proficiency and cultural understanding.

Students entering Newman University with no prior coursework in Spanish need to take SPAN 1014 before beginning the sequence. Usually one year of high school Spanish is equivalent to one semester of university-level work.

Students who already have several years of high school Spanish may begin by enrolling in Elementary Spanish 2 or Intermediate Spanish I. However, to earn the minor they must demonstrate mastery of the prior courses by either:

  1. Credit by Examination ($30 evaluation fee plus $50 verification fee per credit hour) or
  2. Taking the CLEP examination (cost: $100 total for up to eleven credits).

Research Opportunities

Students are encouraged to participate in Newman University’s study & serve program, which contributes to individual and intercultural development.

Guatemala Study & Serve

Transform your perspective and earn 7-9 credits while immersed in Spanish language study, local history and culture for seven weeks. Complement your classes with academically-related service projects.

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