Web Application Process

For those interested in applying to the Sonography Program, the following process must be completed. The application deadline is April 1 of the current year.  Applications will be available for pick up on Monday February 16, 2015 in Eck Hall 2nd floor Nursing Window.  If you would like an application mailed, please contact Tina at 316-942-4291 ext. 2134.

  1. You must obtain acceptance to Newman University. To apply to the University, you can apply online, call, or write for an application packet and explain you are interested in Sonography. You may reach Newman University admissions at 316-942-4291 ext 2154.
  2. Once you have been accepted to the University you can apply to the Sonography Program through the application process. This requires the following paperwork be received and transcripts submitted by the deadline date of April 1st:
  • Completed application to the Sonography program
  • Official transcripts submitted to the Registrar’s office.  It is the student’s responsibility to verify with the Registrar’s office that all transcripts have been submitted.  Do NOT include transcripts with your application.
  1. If all requirements are met you will be notified via email after April 1st. with instructions on how to sign up for the required pre-admission testing.  We will provide two testing dates for students to choose from.  We will conduct three short exams over cognitive ability, spatial relationships, and writing skills.  The cost of the testing is $60.00, paid the day of testing, and is the responsibility of the student.
  2. Once the pre-admission testing is complete the top 20 scored candidates will be contacted for an interview with the sonography selection committee. The committee is composed of instructors in the program, faculty from other allied health fields, and area sonographers. 
  3. Program selection is determined by weighted scores awarded for your grades, overall GPA, pre-admission testing and the interview.
  4. A letter of acceptance, alternate status, or denial to the program will be mailed to the applicant.
  5. Students accepted for admission are required to confirm their intention to attend the program in writing along with their non-refundable deposit within seven working days.
  6. If openings occur, alternates will be selected according to numerical rank. Alternates may be admitted up to the beginning of fall semester if all positions have not been filled.  Once the semester has begun, the alternate status will be void and the student must reapply the next year.  Students may only apply to the program twice.
  7. If selected the student must be able to meet the Sonography Program’s requirements and expectations which can be found with  the application. 
  8. The student must be able to perform the duties of a medical sonographer and physically complete clinical requirements through reasonable accommodation as needed if selected. Please see the "Performance Requirements" fact sheet located at the end of the application.