The study of human behavior can be as fascinating as it is beneficial. As a student in Newman's Psychology Program, you will learn the theories that have advanced the art and science of psychology and the application of accepted scientific methods. You will discover psychology's many uses in today's world as we continue to increase our understanding, not just about the therapies that modify behavior, but about the many ways that psychological research is being used in business and technology.

Degrees Offered See the program-specific requirements. (PDF)

Bachelor of Science in PsychologyMinor in Psychology

Prominent Careers

Careers Available

Mental health services

Careers with the Federal Government Departments 

Health and Human Services
Veteran’s Administration
The Departments of Human Services

The State of Kansas Job Possibilities

Community mental health centers
Psychiatric hospitals
Senior citizen centers

Other Employers

The United Way agencies
Local branches of non-profit organizations, including YMCA/YWCA and religiously affiliated service organizations

More Information

Complimentary Studies

A major in psychology can be enhanced by a minor or a double major in a variety of subjects. These include, but are not limited to, biology, chemistry, communication, English, journalism, philosophy, theology, political science, sociology, speech or choral music.


American Psychological Association
American Psychological SocietyPsychology Online Resource Central
The Association for Psychological & Educational Research in Kansas