Recommendations for Law School Acceptance

There is no one required major for law school. Major in the area(s) that interests you because you are more likely to do well and have the grades required to get admitted into law school.  Remember, law schools are looking for variety.

Create a balance in your academic life; challenge yourself in your selection of courses and in the number of hours you take. 

Seek breadth in your academic curriculum by taking courses beyond your major. 

Take courses and other opportunities to develop your writing skills.

Strive for a high GPA, but do not take the easy courses. Get involved on campus or in the community in groups that interest you.

Look into the possibility of doing an internship. Discuss this possibility with your advisor and/or mentor, or visit Career Services.

Begin preparing for the LSAT well in advance. Take mock LSAT exam. Begin doing readings related to law. There's a list of such books in Professor Larry Heck’s office. Consider alternatives to law school or additions (eg. a dual degree) such as MBA, MPP, MPA, or MA. Visit our graduate programs to learn more. 

Visit law schools when you have the chance. If you're in a city that has a law school during your vacations or for other purposes, stop in and ask to sit in on a class; talk to students or see the people in admissions to get a feel for the school. Even if you are not considering that particular school, the visit will give you a comparative base. 

Get to know your professors and advisors. They can be a resource for readings, classes, community/campus opportunities, and even internships or jobs. Also, they'll be writing letters of recommendation for you some day! Take advantage of campus cultural and academic opportunities. Read school bulletins and the Vantage student newspaper for information about speakers, conferences, workshops, volunteer opportunities and music and art events. Also, check Newman's News and Events.

Visit the law school you apply to so that the school can put a face to your name and the application.