Pastoral Ministry

Newman University accredits the undergraduate program in pastoral ministry for the archdiocese of Oklahoma City, Okla., the diocese of Dodge City, Kan. and the diocese of Tulsa, Okla. All courses offered at these three sites follow the Newman University catalog. The purpose of the pastoral ministry program is intellectual formation for the Catholic laity in these respective (arch)dioceses.

Degrees Offered See the program-specific requirements. (PDF)

Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral MinistryMinor in Pastoral Ministry

Prominent Careers

Most students in pastoral ministry are not on a career path. They are parish volunteers who are very active in their local churches. In areas with a shortage of Catholic priests, pastoral ministry graduates often fill the gap created by this shortage, providing badly needed service and support in the local church.

The pastoral ministry program seeks to form the Roman Catholic laity to take up leadership roles in their respective parishes.

More Information

The courses in pastoral ministry for Dodge City are delivered through the ITV network. This network links students in classrooms from various sites throughout western Kansas to the Newman University campus. The pastoral ministry program in Oklahoma does not rely upon the ITV network, but holds classes in various locations rotating throughout northern Oklahoma.

The ITV Network provides an important educational experience connecting students in the Diocese of Dodge City with each other throughout the local church. Pastoral Ministry students in Oklahoma gather together in various selected sites for their edudcational experience.

Research Opportunities

Students are able to research contemporary topics in theology and learn about the current challenges facing the church they love.


The pastoral ministry program is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.