Mathematics evolved from counting, measurement, and the study of shapes and the motion of physical bodies into a harmonious collaboration of beauty and utility, abstraction and application. The study of mathematics trains the student to search for unity and a desire to treat phenomena comprehensively. Mathematics makes the invisible visible through the use of language and the study of abstractions, patterns and relationships, computation and calculation.

Degrees Offered See the program-specific requirements. (PDF)

Bachelor of Science in MathematicsBachelor of Arts in MathematicsMinor in Mathematics

Prominent Careers

Mathematicians make important contributions to society by helping to solve problems in such diverse fields as:

Computer science
Social science

Students who prepare as high school mathematics teachers have always found employment in Kansas. The bachelor of science degree prepares a person for employment in math related fields or for graduate study.

Mathematics graduates find jobs in fields such as:

Statistical modeling
Operations research
System engineering
Actuarial science

More Information

Mathematics at Newman University involves numerical, algebraic and graphical analysis of patterns and problems. The patterns can involve simple counting numbers or real or complex numbers. Problems solved with mathematics can range from statistical questions to questions about 3-dimensional surfaces. The program has connections to a variety of fields of study such as music, computer graphics, probability and many more.

Core Mathematics

Students should demonstrate a broad understanding of mathematics, demonstrated by competency in the following areas: statistics, calculus, geometry, and algebra.

Critical Thinking

Students should develop clear analytical thinking skills, as demonstrated by the following.

  • Proof:

Students should demonstrate the ability to employ rigorous reasoning to construct logically correct arguments.

  • Problem Solving:

Students should demonstrate the ability to formulate problems quantitatively, and interpret the solutions.


Students should demonstrate the ability to effectively communicate mathematics.


Students should be able to employ technology as one of a variety of problem solving strategies.


Students can distinguish between ethical and unethical uses of data.

High School Preparation

It is recommended that students complete four years of English, four years of mathematics and four years of science in high school.