Liberal Studies

A liberal studies major allows students who desire to pursue coursework in three different disciplines to integrate their interests into a major that allows both depth and breadth. The key element is the integration of the diverse disciplines into a unified and coherent understanding. This integration is demonstrated by the completion of a capstone Interdisciplinary Project. The University's core curriculum/general education requirements are the foundation upon which the degree is based.

Degrees Offered See the program-specific requirements. (PDF)

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies

Prominent Careers

There are many possibilities. Students with a Liberal Studies major from Newman University have successfully pursued a wide array of careers.

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Research opportunities

The capstone project course, HUM 4063, requires integration of study in the three main disciplinary areas. Students conduct research on a topic of their choice which is evaluated by a committee of faculty.


Beyond the core requirements which provide a foundation for liberal education, the bachelor of arts in liberal studies requires specific courses directed at broad social and cultural ideas, particularly the ethical dimension of the human person in community. This is coupled with a minimum of 12 credit hours of coursework in each of three distinct disciplines. The capstone project serves to bring the major to completion.


Liberal Studies Major 

39 total credit hours from 3 of the following disciplines:
Art Information Technology
Biology Mathematics
Business Administration Music
Chemistry Nursing
Communication Philosophy
Counseling Physical Science
Education Psychology
English Sociology
History Theology


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