Interdisciplinary Studies

The Interdisciplinary Studies B.A. program at Newman University is a unique, customized, liberal arts degree. It is designed so adult students who "got interrupted" can finish what they started. Offered through the School of Arts and Letters, the program builds on your prior work and academic experience, accepts courses taken at any accredited university, offers flexibility with day, evening or online courses taken at your own pace and includes a tailor-made plan of study based on future goals.

Degrees Offered See the program-specific requirements. (PDF)

Interdisciplinary Bachelor of Arts

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What is Interdisciplinary Studies?

The Interdisciplinary Bachelor of Arts (IBA) is characterized by its flexibility. No matter how many institutions you have attended in the past, the IBA is designed to accept credits from any accredited university—often satisfying some or all general education requirements. The rest of your program is then tailored to fit your individual goals and interests.

At least two approved 12 credit hour areas of emphasis are required to complete the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies degree. The areas of concentration are not restricted by academic areas, but rather thematic areas of interest. Areas of emphasis are defined by the student and advisor. Within each area, 6 of the credit hours must be upper division.

Admission requirements

  • A minimum of 30 credit hours of college credit at an accredited institution of higher learning
  • GPA of 2.0 or higher
  • Out of high school for 8 years 
  • Special permission from the program director