Newman's Education Program is among the best in the region. Students who choose Newman receive the benefit of attending a private liberal arts university that features small classes and personalized instruction and advisement. Newman University trains more teachers than any other private college or university in Kansas. Students in the secondary education program may earn licensure in biology, chemistry English, history/government, or mathematics.
"I cannot imagine a program with a higher quality of instruction and level of warmth and caring for students."

~graduate, Spring '10

Prominent Careers

Elementary Education

Graduates of the Elementary Teacher Education Program can be licensed to teach grade kindergarten through 6th grade and may complete middle level endorsements in math, science, English or social studies. According to the US Department of Labor Occupatinal Outlook Handbook for 2006-2007, "job opportunities for teachers over the next 10 years will vary from good to excellent. Most job openings will result from the need to replace the large number of teachers who are expected to retire."

Program GPA and Licensure Test Data

Secondary Education

The Newman University secondary education program is intended to prepare teachers for a successful career in the classroom. The skills acquired in this program are the same skills valued by employers in a variety of fields. Students in this program learn to create effective written documents, analyze and organize information, make oral presentations and share information effectively with others, and work with a wide variety of people. These skills could be used in a variety of other fields such as sales, office staff positions, political campaign work, and other positions which require effective communication, organization, and personal relations skills.

Early Childhood Unified Education

Graduates of the Early Childhood Unified Teacher Education Program can be licensed to teach Birth through grade 3 and will also complete requirements for an Elementary license which will allow them to teach grades 4 - 6.

According to the US Department of Labor Occupational Outlook Handbook for 2006-2007, "job opportunities for teachers over the next 10 years will vary from good to excellent. Most job openings will result from the need to replace the large number of teachers who are expected to retire."  The need for Early Childhood Unified licensed teachers is greater now as many districts are housing their 4 year old preschool programs in elementary settings. 

Newman students are highly-sought to work in area schools. One week after Graduation, three students had jobs for the next school year: one in high school English, one in middle school science and one in first grade at a Catholic school.

More Information

Elementary Education

The Teacher Education Program allows for close personal interaction with instructors. The majority of the program relies on face to face delivery and features hands-on methods of learning. The program offers both daytime and evening classes designed for adults who wish to complete certification while balancing work and family commitments.

Research Opportunities

Students have opportunities to be engaged in research in their undergraduate program during their internship semester.

Classroom Environment

Classrooms are SMART rooms and have the availability of current technology used in area schools. Instruction features small class sizes and hands-on activities and projects. Classes are offered in the daytime and evening with the same instructor. Newman graduates regularly cite close collaboration with talented, dedicated faculty as one of the most meaningful experiences at Newman.

Additional Information

In fulfilling the mission of educating caring, reflective practitioners, the School of Education expects undergraduate program graduates to be educators who are knowledgeable, caring, reflective, visionary, collaborative and ethical.

Newman offers scholarships for education majors from select Kansas community colleges.

Secondary Education

The secondary education program prepares teachers who will be highly qualified in their teaching field. Students in the math, biology, and chemistry programs complete the content courses necessary to earn a Bachelor of Arts in their field of study. Students in the history/government program complete the coursework required to earn a Bachelor of Science in history.

Associates degrees from accredited community colleges meet all general education requirements for Newman University. Students with transfer hours should meet with an enrollment advisor at NU to determine their individual plans of study. Upon completion of the general education and content area requirements, the secondary education program consists of three semesters, including the 16 week internship (student teaching) semester.

This program has a solid reputation for turning out teachers who are successful in their professional careers. Our teacher candidates' high placement rate following program completion and their high average scores on teacher licensure examinations are just two indicators of our success. Newman University's undergraduate professional education program trains more elementary and secondary teachers than any other private college or university in Kansas. 

The Secondary Education Curriculum 

All students are required to complete the core curriculum of general education classes necessary to earn a baccalaureate degree. These courses consist of composition, speech, mathematics, history, science, psychology, social science, theology, philosophy, and humanities. Students must also complete all the required content courses for the area in which they seek licensure (biology, chemistry, English, history/government, or mathematics).

The secondary education curriculum consists of a variety of foundation courses, content area coursework and secondary methods courses. After completion of the required course-work in the area in which secondary education students desire licensure, they complete the foundation and methods courses. The final semester is an intensive internship (student teaching) experience.

Middle Level Endorsements

Students in both the elementary and secondary programs may also choose to add additional content areas to their teaching license by completing the requirements for a middle level endorsement. Students in the Newman University teacher education program may add endorsements to teach middle level students in grades 5-8 with a recommendation from Newman University in history, mathematics, science, and English-language arts. In order for a student to be recommended by the Newman School of Education for an endorsement, they must complete 15 credit hours in the content area, complete a middle level methods course, complete a student teaching experience in grades 5-8, and pass the standardized licensure test in the endorsement content area.

Western Kansas

You can complete your Elementary Education K-6 Degree in 16 months with face-to-face instruction in Dodge City and Garden City or through interactive television in Great Bend, Hutchinson, Liberal, Pratt, Ulysses, Scott City, Syracuse, and Sharon. Please visit our Western KS page for the most up to date information.

Southeast Kansas

You can complete your Elementary Education K-6 Degree in 16 months with face-to-face instruction at Independence Community College. General education courses may be completed at a community college near you (Coffeyville CC, Allen County CC, Neosho County CC, or Labette County CC)
Transferable credits by college:


Program Accreditation

Newman University's Elementary Education is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) in partnership with the Kansas State Board of Education.