The business world is one of constant change. Employers today need broadly educated business leaders, and many of the jobs people will hold in the future do not yet exist. For these reasons, Newman University has created a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program with an emphasis on management in which college students participate in a variety of educational and practical experiences to prepare them for management and leadership roles in a globally competitive marketplace.

Prominent Careers

Upon graduation a student with a management degree can take many paths. Many management majors find entry-level jobs in the areas of banking and financial services, retail, health care, government agencies, service industries, not-for-profit organizations and entrepreneurial ventures. Typical management titles include CEO, president, administrator, manager, supervisor, leader and facilitator. Careers in management allow individuals to choose among many alternatives in a variety of organizational settings.

Many factors go into the beginning salary of new graduate. Among these are work history (including co-ops and internships), geographical preferences, academic record, cocurricular activities, maturity, work ethic and personality. However, most management majors can expect a starting salary in the range of $35,000 to $50,000.

A business studies degree can prepare you to enter the workforce or to continue your studies in graduate school or law school. Some don't stop there, but continue on for a doctorate in preparation for a career in education.

More Information

Students completing a degree in the business field will be well prepared to enter into careers in both for-profit and not-for-profit industries. Graduates will understand the importance of the roles managers fulfill as they perform the critical functions of planning, organizing, leading and controlling the resources of an organization. Their studies will enable them to sharpen and heighten their personal awareness of their skills in communication, problem solving, decision making, group processes, strategy development, leadership and ethical behavior.

In addition to classroom learning, Newman University’s diverse campus population allows students to be exposed to a variety of cultures and market needs. The knowledge gained from this interaction provides the basis for successful managers in a global economy who possess the skills necessary to secure the continued well-being and growth of the organization.

Business Studies B.S. Online or On-ground

Newman University now offers a Bachelor's degree in Business Studies that includes coursework that may be taken on campus or through our convenient online program designed for the working adult. Visit the Business Studies page to learn more.

Values-based curriculum

The BBA-Management program of study is much more than an applied liberal arts and sciences degree. Newman's program offers students a values-based curriculum that includes the study of business skills and abilities that give the Newman graduate a clear edge in the marketplace and clear perspectives on living a principled life.

In addition, the program is based on Newman’s approach to business education as a carefully crafted blend of the liberal arts, core business knowledge and concentrated study in a major. In the liberal arts the student builds a foundation of values, critical thinking skills, proficiency in mathematics and communication and the ability to think in a rigorous, disciplined manner.

The Business Division's core curriculum merges the liberal arts with applied knowledge in the basic operations of free market economies. The foundation areas consist of accounting, business law, ethics, economics, finance, marketing, international business, management, and production.

The major then focuses the student’s study on management itself, drawing on what was learned in both the liberal arts and business core. This combination prepares graduates for positions of increasing responsibility and leadership in today’s highly integrated global society.

Graduate studies

Many management majors go on to graduate school. For most that means either an M.B.A. or law school, although some continue on for a doctorate and a career in education. As with all degrees in business, the opportunities for a management major are limited only by the student’s energy, determination, learned skills, imagination, and ambition.