Theology Courses

Enter the Conversation...

Every course in the program is designed to give students the background and skills necessary to enter into the riches of the Catholic theological tradition as students, teachers and scholars.

Engaging Presentations

Course lectures are presented via online videos that allow students to access the course on practically any internet-capable device. In these video modules, students are given clear, engaging explanations of theological topics that can be accessed at the touch of the button.

Personal Connections

Real education requires conversation, and in our courses, students engage in regular discussion with other students and the instructors. Not only does discussion increase comprehension of material and confidence, it also allows students to gain exposure to a wide range of perspectives brought by fellow students.

Traditional and Timely

Courses are designed to provide a solid grounding in the Church’s tradition on every topic in the program. From that foundation, each course addresses the contemporary issues raised in real-life RCIA sessions, religion classes, and water-cooler conversations.

Building Catechetical Skills

In addition to traditional academic assignments, like essays and papers, student assignments also include online discussion and virtual presentations. And, for those who are able to attend the weekend sessions – real life interactions. So, students aren’t just learning material, they learn how to teach and share it with others.

Broad Grounding in the Tradition

The courses in the program introduce students to systematic theology, the study of Scripture, Church history, ethics, liturgy, spirituality and more. Students will leave the program prepared to continue their studies in any theological field.