Master of Social Work FAQs

Q1. Do I have to take the GRE or MAT in order to apply?

Answer: No.

Q2. Do I have to apply to both the Graduate School of Social Work and Newman University?

Answer: Yes. Application for admittance to the MSW program requires that you apply to both places. The application packet you receive contains both sets of materials as well as complete instructions.

Q3. Do I have to have my human biology prerequisite completed at the time I apply?

Answer: No. However, you will have to provide documentation that you have completed it by the time you register for your first classes.

Q4. Can I earn my MSW degree as a part-time student while remainin fully employed during the entire period of study?

Answer: Part-time study is available for both regular and advanced standing students. Most courses are offered in the evening in addition to conventional academic hours. However, it is possible that time conflicts between scheduled classes and external work obligations can occur. While some level of accommodation is possible in such situations, the MSW program cannot accommodate all possible conflicts. Some degree of flexibility on the part of employers or students may be necessary in order to complete MSW studies within program guidelines.

Q5. When can I start the program?

Answer: This depends on whether you are admitted to the regular program or Advanced Standing (recall that only individuals having earned a BSW degree from CSWE-accredited programs are eligible for Advanced Standing). If you’re admitted to the regular program, your initial enrollment will be in the Fall. If you’re admitted to the Advanced Standing program, you may begin the program in either Summer or Fall (depending on whether you’re a full-time or part-time student).