Honors Courses

Honors Courses  


HNRS 1103: Freshman Honors Seminar. Through close reading and discussion of texts significant to the modern world, the class will encourage students to draw together the various elements of their liberal education and think carefully about the human condition as a whole. To do this, we will use sources from several different disciplines, including but not limited to philosophy, history, religion, literature, biology and the fine arts, to examine problems that will challenge society in the 21st century. Thursday, 6-9 pm. McFall.

World Literature 1 (Engl 3063): Ancient World-Renaissance. A survey of the Western and Non-Western world’s great literature and traditions from ancient times through the Renaissance. 2-3:15 MW, Regan. Note: this will be a blended class, with both honors and non-honors students. The requirements for honors students will be slightly different, and Prof. Regan will meet with honors students alone periodically. Meets core curriculum.


Honors World Civilization 1 (Hist 1013): A survey of world civilizations from the earliest hominids to 1600 focusing on the development of political, social, cultural, religious, economic, and military life in a global and comparative context. Golden. Meets core curriculum

Honors Ethics (Phil 3033): Ethics is the philosophical study of good and evil in human conduct. This course is based on the natural law theory which understands moral acts as free choices directed to integrate human fulfillment in a life of virtue. Other contemporary ethical theories will be evaluated and selected moral issues will be treated. 9-9:50 MWF, Fox. Meets core curriculum.