Theology Program Objectives

As a student pursuing a graduate theological degree at Newman University, you will find your study enriched by the emphasis we place upon the following areas.

A Broad Theological Framework

This program provides students with a basic understanding of the 2,000 year Roman Catholic theological tradition.

Faithful Study

The faculty in this program is committed to teaching theology “in a manner faithful to Scripture, tradition and the Church’s magisterium,” as Ex Corde Ecclesiae prescribes. All professors of theology at Newman University are proud recipients of the mandatum to teach Catholic theology, granted by the Bishop of Wichita.

Support for the Catechetical Ministry

The program serves to deepen the theological understanding of the men and women serving as diocesan catechists as well as improve their catechetical skills.

Critical Reflection and Debate

This program exposes students to the latest developments in Catholic theology and encourages them to critically assess both recent theology and their own understanding of their faith in order to deepen their appreciation for both.

Preparation for the PhD in Theology

The Master of Arts (M.A.) degree is designed to prepare students to continue their theological education at the PhD level of study through additional language requirements, a comprehensive examination at the conclusion of the program as well as a thesis requirement.

Ecumenical Study

This program recognizes the vast wealth of various religious traditions and cultures past and present. Courses are open to frank and constructive ecumenical dialogue, especially to the theological contributions of Protestant, Orthodox and Jewish theologians.