Strategic Goals and Objectives

Goal One: Newman University will nurture our Catholic identity and mission.
First Objective: Promote the appreciation of all Newman University community members of the roots of the institution in the ASC charism and in both the local and the universal Church.
Second Objective: Foster the integration of Catholic practice and intellectual traditions with Newman University’s curriculum and co-curricular activities.
Third Objective: Become a resource for Catholic education and formation in the region.
Fourth Objective: Ensure that the university’s mission and value statements remain as living documents.
Goal Two: Newman University will provide a transforming learning experience for students inside and outside of the classroom.
First Objective: Implement innovative teaching and learning practices that challenge students and support their success.
Second Objective: Integrate professional studies, liberal arts, and cocurricular activities to develop cohesive educational opportunities for students in all programs.
Third Objective: Create a culture of assessment.
Goal Three: Newman University will create partnerships and programs that ensure access for students.
First Objective: Create a comprehensive marketing plan that targets specific populations to increase enrollment.
Second Objective: Provide the financial support necessary to make Newman accessible to all students.
Third Objective: Create programs that students and community members want and need.
Goal Four: Newman University will provide an excellent work environment where people thrive, performance excels, and collaboration prevails.
First Objective: Promote excellent communication of information and data.
Second Objective: Develop and implement competitive salary plans, compensation, and benefit strategies.
Third Objective: Encourage and support professional growth.
Fourth Objective: Enhance employee satisfaction and promote community.
Goal Five: Newman University will provide stable financial resources to sustain and promote the mission of the university.
First Objective: Identify and pursue best practices in financial transparency.
Second Objective: Create a financial plan that provides sufficient resources to fund educational programming and other direct student services.
Third Objective: Provide sufficient financial resources to maintain capital resources.
Fourth Objective: Practice effective stewardship of financial resources.
Goal Six: Newman University will develop and maintain a dynamic physical and technological infrastructure.
First Objective: Implement a new campus master plan that maximizes space utilization, guides growth, and promotes environmentally sustainable facilities.
Second Objective: Maintain the university’s physical plant in a way that models the principles of good stewardship.
Third Objective: Use technology to create an environment that supports active learning, efficient communication, and effective assessment.