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Satisfactory Academic Progress Requirements

Found on page 21 of the Newman University Catalog for 2013-14

A student's financial aid is based on full-time enrollment unless otherwise noted on the award letter.  All receipients of university awards and grants require sucessful completion of at least 12 credit hours per semester and attainmen of the Newman University cumulative grade point average (CGPA) required for each type of award.

Comprehesive Grant receipients must complete 24 credit hours per academic year with a 2.0 GPA. Recipients of other federal funds who are full-time students must complete a minimum of nine semester hours, and part-time students must complete one-half of their hours; whether full or part-time, freshmen must maintain a 1.8 or higher CGPA, sophomores, juniors, seniors and graduate students must maintain a 2.0 or higher CGPA. Hours completed and CGPA will be reviewed at the end of each semester.

Student are eligible to receive federal and state financial aid up to 90 attempted credit hours for an Associate Degree, 180 attempted credit hours for the first Bachelor's Degree and 271 attempted hours for the second or subsequent Bachelor's Degree, which is the time allowed from the federal government.

Recipients who fail to meet academic progress requirements will forfeit their rerespective awards until a later review indicates that the requirements have been met; in such cases the forfeited award will be reinstated for the following semester.  A student who becomes ineligible for financial aid due to failure to meet academic progress requirements may submit an appeal letter to the Financial Aid Director; the letter must explain extenuating circumstances that affected the student's ability to maintain satisfactory academic progress.  Appeals are reviewed on a case by case basis.

Satsifactory Academic Progress Appeal form

By completing this form you are requesting an exception to the Federal Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy and/or the Institutional Scholarship Policy and to have your federal and/or institutional financial aid eligibility reinstated. This is an appeal process and your case may be denied.

Download the SAP Appeal PDF

Download the SAP Policy PDF

Withdrawing or dropping from Classes

If you completely withdraw/drop from all of your classes, both you and Newman University (NU) may be expected to repay some or all of the federal financial aid you have received for the semester. If you withdraw/drop within a NU refund period, the Office of Financial Aid (OFA) is required by federal law to determine whether your NU refund should repay a portion or all of the financial aid that you received. If you completely withdraw/drop prior to the start of your courses or never attend any of your classes, all federal financial aid—including loans—will be returned to the federal aid programs.



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