Elementary Education

Teacher Education ProgramTeaching in the classroom

Once you have completed the general education requirements at your community college, it only takes two years to complete the Teacher Education Program (TEP). The teaching internship semester is part of the two-year program. Students may enter the program only in the fall. All courses in the program are only offered at night, three or four evenings each week.


  • Cumulative 2.5 GPA
  • 60 or more credit hours
  • Completion of all general education courses (may have 6 hours still to complete)
  • Completion of application to the School of Education
  • Passing assessment test-ACT or PPST
  • To receive a degree or recommendation for licensure from Newman, a student must take at least 30 hours from NU
  • Distance TEP block requirements

Assessment Tests

Students have the option of taking and passing one of, or a mixture, of the following assessment tests with at least the minimum score and must present evidence that they have taken the PPST before entering the education program. The deadline for successful completion of the PPST is the end of the student’s first semester at Newman.

Assessment Test Reading Writing Math
PPST (519 Total Score) 171 171 171
ACT (Must be within the last 5 years) 19 N/A - Must use PPST 19

NOTE: All scores shown are minimum scores needed.

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